Visit Fort Sumter National Monument

There’s no better place to visit for a weekend trip this Thanksgiving break in your vehicle fromĀ SouthTowne Motors than an old, beautiful fort with lots of history. If this sounds like something of interest to you, Fort Sumter National Monument is the place to go.

It was at this historic site where the American Civil War began on April 12, 1861. The Confederate army had turned their artillery onto Fort Sumter after years of mounting strife between the opposing sides. Just 34 hours later, the Union forces at Fort Sumter surrendered to the Confederate soldiers. It took Union troops four years to regain control of Fort Sumter.

You can now visit this sea fort located in the Charleston harbor in South Carolina. Before visiting, stop by the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center located at Liberty Square. There is a museum exhibit that recounts the story between the North and South and how their difficulties ultimately led to despair at this fort, thus starting the Civil War. You will also find the departure point for boats that depart for the tour of Fort Sumter, which is only accessible by boat.

Upon arriving, a ranger will be available to talk to guests about the fort. The ranger will lead-an in depth, 10-minute history lesson before guests begin the self-guided tour. There are volunteers as well as park rangers to answer any additional questions you might have. The construction of Fort Sumter’s foundation took 70,000 tons of stonework and other rock and took over a decade to build with contractors coming from far away as New York. The city of Boston aided with the delivery of materials by ship.

While exploring the history of Charleston, why not stay a couple of nights at the James Island County Park. Here you will find both tent camping sites and cottages. This park is located just 30 minutes away from Fort Sumter National Monument. This is a 643-acre park that offers an abundance of natural beauty, full hook-ups, an activity center, bathhouses, laundry facilities and much more. After a full day of exploring, relax and enjoy open meadows along with miles of paved walking trails.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

This is an exciting place full of our nation’s rich past. Be sure to have your vehicle tuned up at SouthTowne Motors before you head out.

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