Free Entry to National Parks for 2016


If you’re looking for something to do and want to save some cash on a road trip, take a picnic to any of the national parks in the area on the fee free days in 2016. This year, the National Park Service turns 100 years old; and they are offering several days where you can get for free. The free admission is open to all who are not camping.

Fee free days include January 18, 2016, Martin Luther King Jr. Day; April 16 through April 24, 2016, National Park Week; August 25 through August 28, National Park Service birthday; September 24, 2016, National Public Lands Day; and November 11, 2016, Veterans Day.

The United States has 409 national parks that are open on most days. You can choose to visit a new park or a favorite park on any of the fee free days, making a nice outing with a picnic. This is especially great for those parks that charge more than just a few dollars to get in.

Fees waived on the fee free days include commercial tour fees, entrance fees and transportation entrance fees. You’ll still be charged fro reservation fees, concession fees, camping fees, tour fees and fees charged by third parties.

Additionally, if you’re a frequent visitor, you can get passes to the parks. An annual pass is $80 and can be purchased at a federal recreation site or by calling (888) 275-8747, Ext. 3. Additional passes include a Interagency Military Pass, the 4th Grade Pass, a senior pass for $10 for lifetime, an access pass, and an interagency volunteer pass.

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