Georgia: Keep your sanity by keeping your kids entertained

The summer is upon us and so are road trips.   Vacations are fun, but getting to your vacation spot may not always be enjoyable.  Whether you are going near or far  you will most likely hear, “Are we there yet?”  Luckily, I know several ways to keep the children entertained.

¦Movies!  In case your Cadillac/Buick/GMC didn’t come with an in-car entertainment system, invest in a portable DVD player and few pairs of headphones.  The kids will love watching their favorite movie for a few hours and you will love the silence from the backseat!
¦Hit the library up prior to going.  For a free mode of entertainment, take your kids to the library the day prior to you leave and let them pick out a few books to bring on the trip.
¦Have an in-car scavenger hunt.  Make the kids a list of things to look for as you drive.  Examples: a red car, a license plate from another state, a horse, a pink flower, anything you might see as you drive.
¦Pack trivia cards. Each kid can take turns reading a card and guessing the answer.
¦Always pack music.  Even though the Barney sing-a-long may not be your favorite music, let the kids have 20 or 30 minutes of their favorite music.
¦Zitch-dog!  Every time someone sees a dog they yell zitch-dog! The one who sees the most dogs first wins a prize at the end of the trip.

Do you have some other suggestions for keeping kids entertained? Let me know!

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