Georgia: Wash your Car Like a Pro

So, you’ve attempted washing your car on your own, but it never comes out looking quite as good as when you take it to be washed.  That’s because there’s an art to washing your car, seriously! First, it is important to understand the layering of paints that goes into making a vehicle shine the way it does.

On the bulk of vehicles, the finish usually consists of a thin layer of paint with a much thicker layer of glossy clearcoat applied over the paint. On top of that is where the wax will be applied . Using wax is the first line to defending the remainder of the paint and the body from rust and scratches. That is why it is crucial that when you do wash your car that you do not damage the finish of the vehicle with a bad wash.

Here’s a list of things you will need for getting the job done:

It is a good investment to purchase a top quality soap to wash your vehicle with. Follow the directions on whatever product you buy. Plus, always mix the detergent with cool water, never hot. Hot water can soften the wax which makes it easy to come off when force is applied when washing.

¤ Wash and dry your vehicle with clean, soft all-cotton towels, or car washing mitts. Using the wrong cloth during the washing or drying process can create scratches and swirls, which you want to avoid at all costs.

¤ Use an appropriate cleaning solution : dishwashing liquid will strip the car wax right off the finish, and powdered car soaps can scratch the clear coat. So use a good automotive liquid detergent.

¤ Use a plastic bucket. Why ? What’s wrong with metal ones ? They simply are more likely to damage your vehicle if you accidently kick them over.

¤ Use a soft brush to clean up the wheels. Stay away from steel wool pads, wire brushes, or even hard nylon-bristle brushes.

¤ Use a pistol grip hose nozzle with a medium-strong stream. Avoid those high-pressure handles that are becoming popular. They can damage a car by driving road grime into the finish, rather than washing it off. {C.A.M}

Of course washing the car can be wonderful family entertainment too! Just follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll get a great ‘look like the pros’ when you wash it all on your own!

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