Georgia: What’s “shocking” about your car…those shocks you’ve been neglecting to change

Ok, Georgia, how do you know when  you need replacement shocks and why are shocks so imperative? These are excellent queries.   This is certainly an often unnoticed, but vital aspect to your car in regards to safety. Make no mistake, recognizing when it is time to switch your shocks is incredibly important.

First, let’s review the shocks as well as the suspension system:

Examining your shocks is actually a very simple thing to perform. In fact, it is something that can be done yourself.

First thing that you can do is pay attention when you are driving. For example, upon hitting the bump does your car, or truck continue to bounce up and down? If the answer is yes, then you will almost certainly require new shocks. Start paying attention now, since this may begin slowly and worsen over time until they’re really bad. In fact, should you delay too long, you can damage other elements and parts of of you car.

A second way to test your shock’s life is to physically look underneath your car or truck. For a truck or van you most likely are not able to see them. In this case you need to push on the bumper and follow the steps identically as you’re physically looking at them. They may bounce. Two bounces and they’re fine. If they continue to oscillate, then they need replacing.

As stated before, the main reason it is so vital that you switch worn out shocks is because they are responsible for keeping your tires connected with the road. If you ever are driving down a bumpy road and the wheels are bouncing up and down, worn out shocks will actually permit the wheels to lose contact with the road entirely. Considering your tires are the only real thing separating you from the road, this can be especially unsafe should you arrive at a dip, or perhaps a bump during a high speed curve. Good shocks will help to reduce body roll, also very important during cornering.

If you believe that your shocks might be dilapidated and just can’t figure it out by yourself, swing by and we’ll take a look at them. Then we can suggest the appropriate ones for your GM vehicle.

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