Get Up And Vote, Atlanta

Now I know this isn’t an Atlanta car topic, but I figured that I’d take a second to talk about voting since it only comes around once every 4 years. I’m not talking about who you should vote for, that is for you to decide, but why you should vote. Let me put it this way, simply and clearly, if you don’t vote, you allows others to control the electoral process. You are effectively giving up your National Voice. Voting is not only important, but it’s your civic duty.

Those of you from my generation understand the importance of voting, but you younger folks may not thoroughly understand it’s importance. There are even those out there that flat out don’t trust the voting system, or are apathetic, thinking that you vote really doesn’t count. Nothing could be further from the truth. The system has worked for over 200 years with changes being made to the process continually and flaws corrected, such as allowing women to have the right to vote for example.

Think for a second about all of the places where the people of that country don’t have the same rights as we do, including the basic right of being able to choose the path their country will follow in the future. I think Larry David says it best in the video below.

Again, this is your chance to invest in YOUR country. By voting for the candidate of your choice, you are effectively taking the future of America in your hands because you believe that your choice will help make this Nation a better place in a multitude of ways: Economically, Socially and Worldly.

The bottom line is, get up and vote, Atlanta. It’s not just a privilege, it’s your right!

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