GPS And You: What You Need to Know

At Southtown Motors, we know how much you hate getting lost. That’s why we’ve compiled this information on different types of GPS systems that you can use to keep you going in the right direction.Why use a GPS? A GPS can be useful on a vacation, for work, during emergencies, when you’re participating in recreational activities, and anytime you need to know where you’re going. There are so many uses that you can come up with, you’ll end up using your GPS all the time.

You can use a Sat-Nav, or Street Navigation System, which is the most common type. This form of GPS can be built into your car in some cases, or you can purchase one aftermarket. Some are attacked to the dashboard or to your window for easy use. These GPS systems will tell you how to get to a place with step-by-step instructions. You may be able to get US and international maps, and you can also search for places, businesses, and by activity.

Sports GPS systems are also an option. These could be set for marine information, or they could be wristwatches that you can keep on you. The GPS will monitor where you are, so it can keep you moving the right way.

You can also get a GPS on your cell phone. There are many apps available that track your location through the use of the phone’s internal GPS and Internet usage. These systems will have trouble working if you don’t get a signal, though, so be careful when you take them out of the city.

No matter where you’re going or what you want to do, a GPS can help you get there without a struggle. You simply place the address or location into the computer, and it will help you understand the route you need to take. Some are even wise enough to know when there is going to be a problem with traffic.

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