Hauling goods in you car should take some extra thought

First of all, this picture is real. Someone actually thought that this was a good idea. Let’s forget the fact that a full-sized refrigerator is a pretty sizable appliance, usually requiring at least a van or pickup truck to haul to its destination, so let’s put it in the back of our Accord. Uh…No. This is something the police in Richmond, British Columbia, had to remind a shopper who thought a few ropes and a prayer would get his fridge home in the trunk of a Honda Accord. Honestly, I don’t even think those are ropes, the look more like pulls for a set of blinds (somewhere someone is wondering how to lower their window covering).

Richmond police said they received a call of a dangerous driving situation outside a store called Liquidation World. As you can see in the above photo taken by the RCMP, the fridge — secured with ropes tied to the rear seat belts (SEAT BELTS!) — wouldn’t exactly instill confidence in drivers following behind this guy. Who ever this is, feel free swing by Southtowne GM Superstore and take a look as something with a little more hauling capacity.

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