Have a teen taking a driver’s test, Newnan, Ga?

So, you have a child that’s about to get behind the wheel and is chomping at the bit to take his or her driver’s test. They took Driver’s Ed. and you taught them everything you could (sometimes at your own peril), now it’s TEST TIME!

I know what it is like to hand the keys over to one of your children, I’ve done it myself. So, I want to give you parents out there in Newnan and Coweta, Ga some extra tools to help you teach your kids about all things automotive. I found a good video that you can show them just before they take their driving exam: 6 simple thing that might just help them pass the test…the first time.

This is a great site to check out too: teendriversource.org

Good luck on your tests guys! Let me know when you get your licenses by posting a comment…did the video help during your test? Now run and tell Mom and Dad that you want a new car!!! : )

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