Healthy Snacks For The Road

Fruit SnackWe all enjoy the rituals that come along with a road trip. Everything from getting your music playlist together and packing the car, to filling up with fuel and of course, the daunting task of what to stock your Cadillac cooler with. It’s simple and easy to buy that giant family-sized bag of potato chips. But it isn’t the healthiest of choices when it comes to traveling. Your Georgia Cadillac dealer has better snack alternatives that won’t weigh you down or make you tired and that are designed for easy grabbing to help steer you away from the fast food franchises along the way.

You can’t go wrong with string cheese. Made with part-skim milk, mozzarella string cheese is one of the best low-fat snacks. The portions give a small dose of dairy protein.

Granola bars are perfect for the road, easy to grab and delicous to snack on. Look for the healthier options such as the bars with 200 calories or less and with a recommended four to five grams of fiber per bar.

Pack some tasty grape tomatoes. Those miniature bad boys when rip make delightful snacks. There’s practically no mess; just grab and go snack. This is one snack that you can reach your hand in the bag for over and over again without feeling guilty.

You can even load up on great veggies with antioxidants. The high water content will help you stay hydrated. Veggies like baby carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers are all great snacks for the road.

Prepare your own trail mix. If you ask your children to help make their own personal mix, they are more likely to eat it. Try adding any combination such as popcorn, shredded coconut, low-fat granola, multi-grain cereal, sunflower seeds and dried fruit. Place in a Ziplock bag and you’re ready for snacking!

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