Hey Atlanta, do you know the Importance of Proper Tire Balance

By a show of hands, how many Atlanta Cars out there are experiencing their steering wheel shaking, or their seats rumbling during highway speeds. Probably a lot of you out there. I know you feel it, and I know that most of you tend to ignore it. Tire Balance. Everyday driving can affect the balance of your tires. In the video below, Nitto Tire explains how your tires can come out of balance and how routine inspections for tire rotation and balance can extend the life of your tires and increase your driving enjoyment.

Proper tire balance and rotation are instrumental to keeping your tires in the best possible shape for the road. If you think about it, those are the only four points your car is connected to the road, so why have one that is obviously unbalanced? You know it is causing damage to your tire…maybe even your alignment if it is bad enough.

Need a tire balanced and you happen to be in Newnan? See the Southtowne GM Superstore, we can do it in 5 min…and don’t expect us not to give you a lecture on proper tire rotation while you are here…all we want is to keep you out on the road, where you belong.

Hmmm…maybe the next blog will be about the Importance of tire rotation

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