Holiday Driving Tips

Snow Road

Photo by Thomas Quine (Flickr Creative Commons)

Are you and your family getting ready for that holiday drive to visit relatives? The days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are the busiest traveling period of the year. It’s important to make sure you’re ready for anything that might arise while traveling this holiday. Here are some helpful tips to get you prepared for your holiday journey.

Make sure your Chevy is ready to travel those long miles. This is easy to do. Start off by checking your wipers and fluids. Take a moment to get your radiator and cooling system serviced. These simple maintenance tips can prevent most of the problems that strand holiday travelers.

Plan ahead before your set out. Know your exits by both name and number along with watching for signs as you near your exit. A lot of drivers make last moment lane changes in order to reach their exit which often leads to accidents.

Don’t be that car that cuts in front of large trucks and semis. These vehicles are much heavier and take longer to break. Cutting in front of them could lead to collisions. Also remember while sharing the road with large semis and trucks to be aware of their blind spots.

Always make sure you’re traveling with an emergency kit. It should contain flashlights, a blanket, a battery powered radio, a fire extinguisher, bottled water, first-aid kit, non-perishable foods, a tire repair kit, flares and maps. Having an emergency kit properly stocked has been known to save lives.

Be aware of the weather. Weather conditions are constantly changing especially during the early mornings and evenings. Watch for snow and ice or any other weather related obstacles.

Leave early to help avoid risks. Everyone is worried about getting to their destination on time. Leaving early will help reduce feeling anxious about arriving late.

Don’t be distracted by what’s on the road. Distractions while driving is the main cause of traffic related accidents. Just two seconds of being distracted will double your chances of an accident. Don’t text while driving and if you have to make a phone call, pull over.

Always buckle up. Being properly buckled reduces the risk of a fatal injury by up to 45 percent. Buckling up is a simple way to increase you and your families safety during traveling.

Stay safe this holiday from your friends at SouthTowne Motors.

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