How To Break In Your Engine

There is nothing quite like buying a new Atlanta GM vehicle. We know the feeling of wanting to open up that brand new engine on the highway…but, hang on there a second. There are a couple of things you should know before you drive of of the lot eager to put your new GM vehicle through it’s paces. One thing is allowing a little time to break in your engine. Honestly there are a lot of different opinions out there about how to break in an engine. Some people say keep it under 50 for the first 100 miles. Others say, “drive it like you stole it” if you want it to go fast.

In actuality, most cars don’t really need a break-in period, a with the exception of deterring you from extreme acceleration, or long idles for the first 1,000 miles. The fact of the matter is that a lot of your new car engine break-in has already been done for you at the factory. You may not know this, but a new vehicle is speedily accelerated of of the production line, or on to transporters. Doing this preps the cylinders, so there won’t be high volumes of oil consumption. It’s called burnishing the cylinders.

Oil is another thing to think about when breaking in your new Atlanta car. When you get a new car, change your oil after the first 20 miles. Really, just 20 miles. Clean oil will have an amber look to and, but oil in a new engine will usually look more like metal flake paint. That is particles and residue from your newly fabricated engine. You certainly don’t want that stuff in your engine, so change at 20 miles, then again at 1,000. After that, everything should be normal.

That’s pretty much it. Transmission fluids and paint should all be ready to hit the streets right off of the assembly line. So, you are good to go in that department. If you have any further questions, call your  Atlanta car dealer. Doing the right things early on can really increase the life of your engine.

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