How To Check Your Catalytic Converter

What is your catalytic converter and what does it do? In layman’s terms, the catalytic converter allows your car to “breath out”. Think of it this way. Your filters on your air intake system allow air to move into the engine, which is essential for combustion. However, your car also needs to “breathe out” and this is done through the tailpipe. In order for air to move from the engine to the exhaust pipe, it must pass through the catalytic converter, which will take much of the dangerous vapors out of the exhaust itself.

The problem is that sometime these catalytic converters get clogged. If that happens your Buick, GMC, Cadillac or Chevrolet is going to run poorly, if it even runs at all. The inability to disperse exhaust will ultimately affect the performance of your car. In the video below this is explained, and a demonstration is performed on how you can check the pressure before and after your catalytic converter. We don’t really recommend you performing this type of diagnosis if you don’t have prior mechanical knowledge. It’s best to bring it in to your Atlanta mechanics and have us take a look at it for you. However, it’s a good video and explains the type of repair you could be looking at.

Again, if you are experiencing an issue with your catalytic converter or exhaust system, it is highly recommended that you bring your Atlanta new or used car into the Southtowne General Motors Superstorefor further inspection. We will be able to tell quickly if you are experiencing too much pressure in your exhaust system and can correct the issue quickly and efficiently. Just give us a call and set up an appointment. Do it soon, as you don’t want to be operating your vehicle with a blocked, or clogged catalytic converter.

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