How To Get More Miles Per Gallon

With gas prices bouncing between three and five dollars per gallon depending on where you are, it’s probably a good idea to figure out how you can maximize your gas mileage and minimize your trips to the gas station. Of course the best way to save money on gas is to go to your local Chevy dealer and buy yourself one of Chevy’s new fuel efficient vehicles. Failing that, there are still some ways to get the most out of your existing car so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on gas before the next time you go shopping for new and used cars in Atlanta.

For good gas mileage, tire pressure is a big deal. Having your tires properly inflated to factory specs can save you a lot of fuel. In fact, Popular Mechanics reports that each tire that is 10 percent or more below specs will cost you 3.3 percent of your fuel economy. This means that if all four tires are low, you’re giving up over 13 percent of your fuel economy. That’s a lot of money to throw away. Using the right oil can also improve your gas mileage.

In addition to keeping your tires inflated, you need to keep up on other standard maintenance to keep your car running efficiently, too. Making sure your engine is properly tuned and the fuel system is clean is especially important. advises that if an engine is so out of tune that the car fails an emissions test, it is losing at least four percent of its fuel economy.

You know that jackrabbit starts are bad for your engine. They’re also bad for your gasoline consumption. Frequent stops and starts are also gas-guzzlers. While there’s not much you can do about stopping frequently in congested areas, you can save some fuel on the open road by timing your arrival to stop lights, slowing down so that you catch them when they turn green and you don’t have to come to a full stop.

There are many Atlanta cars that get great gas mileage, but even if you have one of those that don’t, there are ways to maximize the gas mileage of your own car. By keeping your car in good mechanical shape and using good driving habits, you can keep from losing a percentage of your fuel efficiency for no good reason. Of course, when you’re ready to look for a more fuel efficient vehicle,our  Newnan car dealership will have the car you’re looking for.

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