How To Keep Your Car Cooler In Warm Weather

If you drive one of the more reliableĀ Atlanta used cars, you likely rely on your air conditioning system throughout the summer and early fall. The heat of asphalt on the freeway, when combined with temperatures of 100 degrees F or more, can make it hard for your air conditioner to keep you cool. Using a few extra tools could help you enjoy a cooler ride without taxing your car’s system.

Stay Cool In The Parking Lot

Preparing your car or truck before you leave it in a sunny parking lot all day can make it a lot more comfortable when you get back in it after work. Most people can’t find a shady spot on a July day in Atlanta, but a basic windshield visor can bounce a lot of heat back out of the glass. It also protects your interior upholstery from fading and cracking due to UV exposure. Don’t forget the rear windshield if you would like a deduction of 10 degrees or more over the course of a day.

Covering the exposed surfaces is the next best option if you don’t have a windshield visor on hand. Throwing a blanket over the front seat and hanging a towel over the steering wheel will keep you from burning yourself if your vehicle features black leather interiors. Toss these extra materials in the trunk and slide in without having to wait for your blistering hot seats to cool. Keeping the windows open a tiny amount is the best way to prevent heat build up. Hot air can escape through even the smallest openings. If you have a modernĀ Atlanta Buick, the security system is designed to prevent anyone from opening the doors through such a minimal opening.

Staying Cool While You Travel

Nothing can be draped over the windshield to cut off the constant glare of the sun when you’re heading down the highway. Window tinting will go a long way to reducing heat when the car is parked or in motion. Consider the health of your engine and tires when the temperatures head into the triple digits. AAA recommends having the engine coolant tested and changed at the start of the season. Driving around without sufficient coolant reserves could result in an expensive and dangerous overheating incident. Visiting Southtowne Motors in the spring will help you prepare your vehicle properly before the heat of summer sets in.


Source: WTOP, “Tips To Keep Your Car Cool As Summer Heat Looms“, Adam Tuss

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