July Specials

We all look for great deals for everything. We search high and low for the best prices and value our money can buy. And it’s understandable in this economy these days. Thankfully, your friends over at SouthTowne can help. We have specials for our service department that can save you some cash now, and a lot later. If you keep on top of maintenance, you can be rest assured that you will not have to spend a lot of extra dough later if something goes wrong.

You can bring your GMC now to your Newnan car dealer for $5 off on an oil change. This includes up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil and filter. Most places charge an arm and a leg for oil changes so every little bit helps! You can also bring your car or truck in for a free tire mounting and balancing with purchase of 4 new tires. This offer is good for conventional tires only. Any special tires are extra charge.

There is also a coupon for $5 off any automotive service over $50. This offer excludes the purchase of tires and has a $50 minimum purchase. See service department for details. And who wants to get caught on the side of the road with a dead battery? Right now, get a free battery testing which includes visual inspection of battery and terminals as well as testing the battery.

Brake failure is a nightmare that can be followed by many harmful and costly implications. Come in now for a free brake inspection. This inspection includes a check of the rotors, drums, connections, and inspect parking brake for damage and proper operation. And lastly, we are offering a free diagnostic check that will test for system fault codes. We will discuss possible failures and recommend any solutions.

If you need any of the above mentioned work done, make sure to stop by and see us at SouthTowne. All of the specials mentioned here can be found on our website under the service tab.

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