Lube Oil & Filter for Gas Engines

Many of us have come to expect a few key services to be done on our vehicles on a routine basis. All vehicles at some point will need new brakes, new tires and regularly scheduled oil changes. These are the prominent three areas of service during vehicle ownership. However, one of the most vital is having your oil changed. Here’s why.

The oil in all modern internal combustion engines helps keep everything lubricated, which reduces friction. That’s the main job many people understand, so, therefore, it is the most widely accepted. There is more, however, that oil does. When everything is lubed and the friction is kept low in the engine, you get more fuel economy from your vehicle, which is money back in your pocket. It also adds more life to your precious Newnan Chevy.

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The proper type of oil can also act as a cleaner for the inside of your engine, can help cool it down and also seal all combustion chambers. If there is any worn metal, it will help keep the particles suspended so sludge doesn’t form. Additives in oil today consist of a lot of different minerals to make the oil last longer and do more than it did when it was first developed. There are many varieties of oil depending on the type of engine your vehicle has. There are synthetic and diesel oils as well. No matter what kind you are using for your ride, it’s important to remember that all oil wears down every time you crank your car.

Oil filters are used to extract the good oil from the particles that get mixed into it. When this gets overused and the oil becomes dirty, it loses the ability to do what it is designed to do. You end up losing fuel economy, performance and sludge. You also run the risk of wearing out your engine faster than usual. These things are more costly to fix, so remember to get an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles or as directed by your mechanic.

At SouthTowne Motors’ service department, we are offering this oil change for just $34.95. It includes up to five quarts of oil, filter and a multi-point inspection. Don’t delay, make your appointment today.

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