Make it Personal for the Holidays

After we purchase a new or used vehicle, we start trying to figure out how we can make it really ours. Whether we want it to stand out or just make a simple statement as to who we are as individuals, we all have the desire to add accessories to our cars. There are several options and ways we can do this. The easiest way is to change the mats, add seat covers or add decals to the windows. But here are some other great ways to make it yours.

Most cars already come with things preinstalled such as the grill, fog lamps and a certain type of wheel for the tires. But you can change these things. Many people do not care to spend the extra money for it but if you really want to personalize your ride, there are ways to change them at the dealership. Splash guards, spoilers and different headlights and tail lamps are also great ways to change the look of your car. Some of these things can be done cheaply.

Most floor mats can be updated or replaced for under $70 for the front two. There are a variety of different styles of mats and they can come in various colors as well. You could even find these at your local retail store. They may not fit perfectly to your vehicle but are sometimes a cheaper option with more styles.

Roof racks tell a lot about someone. You use these handy devices when you travel or if you have sports equipment to carry along with you somewhere. Adding these simple rails is a great way to add function to your vehicle. These can be added at your Newnan dealership for usually under $300.

A lot of people these days are installing hitches even on their sedan. If your vehicle is able to tow any amount of weight, it is good to invest in a hitch. You never know when you might need to hitch a trailer for moving, yard work or even just to tow a travel trailer. Pop-up trailers can even be towed by a sedan if they are lightweight enough.

If you’re ready to suit up your vehicle in things that are you, come on in to SouthTowne Motors.

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