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You can now negotiate the purchase of a vehicle online through a third party. Once you register for the site, Make My Deal allows you to choose a vehicle from SouthTowne Motors, enter a price offer, enter information about your trade in, select your credit score, select the length of time for financing and enter the amount of your down payment.

This allows you to privately negotiate with SouthTowne Motors while you are shopping and comparing prices. Make My Deal sends us only your first name until we agree on the basics of the vehicle. At that time, we reserve the vehicle for you.

You will receive an email from Make My Deal once one of our sales representatives accepts your offer or counters your offer. The site will send you a certificate and instructions for completing the purchase once we both agree on the deal.

Once you submit your offer, we will accept or counter your offer. We try to respond within 60 minutes; however, it may be a bit longer depending on the in-person traffic at the dealership. A live salesperson will look at your information, including the vehicle you choose, the price you offer, the estimate on your trade in, any discounts we may offer and any rebates or incentives that might be applied to your purchase.

Make My Deal uses a payment range so that you don’t have to supply your personal information and because credit and trade in values may be different, albeit close, to what you provide. The range is calculated based on the total amount that may be financed. The range includes trade in value, taxes, registration fees and financing. The taxes are figured based on your location and the address you provide to us.

The credit terms are based on the credit score you provide to Make My Deal; however, you will have to fill out a credit application once your deal has been accepted. We will still do a credit check and a lender will still underwrite your loan.

The trade in value of your vehicle is estimated at the time you complete the Make My Deal process, but we will still need to look at your trade to come up with a concrete value. Once you are ready to move forward with the deal, you’ll be able to complete a credit application and provide the rest of the necessary details so that we can provide you with the exact monthly payment instead of the range provided by Make My Deal.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

After you complete the Make My Deal process, bring your trade to SouthTowne Motors to complete your deal and pick up the vehicle you chose.

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