Michigan’s Scenic Shipwreck Coast

Many think about the Pacific and Atlantic coasts when they hear the word beach. There are, however, other places to enjoy them. The state of Michigan offers visitors truly endless opportunities to discover and explore the shorelines of Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Located throughout the state are many beautiful sandy beaches as well as outstanding scenery. One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery of the shoreline is to travel along the infamous Shipwreck Coast. If you are up for a drive like no other, load up your Newnan Buick and head to this amazing place.

Driving alongside this fascinating coast offers amazing views of the lake. Traveling this stretch of coasts, guests can stop at many spots to explore and learn about the many shipwrecks that took place here. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful towns and museums at some of Michigan’s most breathtaking spots. This specific section of coastline known as Shipwreck Coast is extremely dangerous for boats. The are earned it’s name after over 300 nautical vessles met their demise. There are famous ships like the Edmund Fitzgerald’s as well as many other anonymous wrecks that washed ashore.

The starting point for this scenic route is Marquette. Here, you can visit the Marquette Maritime Museum as well as the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. You can learn about the lands interesting history as well as enjoy the spectacular views. When traveling Shipwreck Coast, you are encouraged to stop at the town of Munising where you can see the sights and stretch your legs at the lighthouse. You should also take the opportunity to see some actual shipwrecks here. By taking a Glass Bottom Shipwreck tour, this will give you a supreme view into shipwrecks without actually having to get your feet wet.

While traveling the Shipwreck Coast, take a detour and visit the Tahquamenon Falls State park. This park is home to two spectacular and immaculate waterfalls. There are miles of abundant wildlife and trails as well as lakes and much more. Continuing on, the drive takes you to Whitefish Point where guests can visit the Shipwreck Museum and learn about the many different ships that have met their end. You can also observe and visit the Point Light Station which still works today. Your friends at SouthTowne Motors hope you enjoy this wonderful place.

Image by Adam Kahtava via Flickr Creative Commons

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