Newnan & Coweta: Battery Corroded? Look to Your Kitchen for Help

Now, you shouldn’t have to worry about a corroded battery in your new car for a while. Corrosion usually builds up over time and is more common with older batteries. However, this is a useful tip that you’ll want to remember down the road. Or, who knows, you might be able to pass this along to a friend sooner than you think!

As a battery gets older, fluids start to leak out a little and this causes metal to fuse with the parts of the battery. So, what expensive tool do you need to remedy this problem? Just go to your fridge and grab a can of Coca-Cola! It might be tempting to drink it, but let’s fix your battery problem first…

I hope it's not this bad!

First, make sure your car is off and that the engine has cooled a little since the last time you drove it – always a good practice when tinkering under the hood. Now disconnect the battery cables, negative (-) side first and then positive (+), and move the cables safely out of the way. If you’re having trouble getting the cables off, pour a little cola on the connection points, but don’t touch the battery, please!

Now, slowly pour a little cola on the corroded areas, and give it a little time for bubbling to go down. Now, take a wire brush (an old toothbrush can work if the corrosion is minor) and brush the corrosion off of the connection points.

Once everything looks good, wipe the areas off with a paper towel and use a little water to rinse off any remaining cola. Then dry everything off with a paper towel and put the battery cables back on starting with the positive (+) side, and then the negative (-) side. The negative side might spark when you connect it, but that is all right. Now just start the car and you should be good to go!

Don’t let the rest of that Coke go to waste, either! Think of it as a little treat for a job well done. If you found this useful, or if you’d like to leave a comment, feel free to. Or, just come see me.

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