New Cars in Atlanta, It’s Time To Change Your Cabin Air Filter

Atlanta Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC owners, it really is time to change your cabin air filter. If you are scratching you head right now because you didn’t even know that your car, or truck had a cabin air filter, then you really need to read this and watch the video below.

Now keep in mind, not all makes and models have cabin air filters, take the 2005 GMC Canyon for example. It doesn’t have a cabin air filter.  However, many do, and it should be changed once a year.

So where is the cabin air filter? First call your Atlanta GM dealer to find out if you’ll be searching in vain. If your model Buick, GMC, Cadillac, or Chevrolet has a cabin air filter, it will more than likely be behind your glove compartment. Consult your owner’s manual for information on how to get access behind your glove compartment.

Using online resources, like YouTube are also incredible information sources, and you may find what you are looking for there as well.

Although it’s an easy do-it-yourself project, if you’d like to have your cabin air filter changed without having to go through the hassle of doing it, then just call Southtowne to set up an appointment. We can change your cabin filter and take a look at your air intake filter and fluid levels as well.

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