New Look For GMC in 2016


When you stop by SouthTowne Motors to test drive the new 2016 GMC Sierra, you’ll notice that this truck has a new look. Right away, you’ll notice some tailgate and front-end upgrades. Changes are taking place across most trim levels – and though it hasn’t been announced yet, you might see some powertrain changes when GMC releases the 2016 model year.

Bolder Grilles

The SLT, Denali and the All Terrain trim levels will each have a new, unique and bolder grille design – and that is going to be one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk up to the 2016 model year versions of this popular half-ton truck.

The Trim Levels

As in the past, the Denali trim level will be in the forefront with the flattest grille surface and will have the most chrome. The All Terrain is the new entry level trim level and it features a unique color coded grille and bumper. And the ever popular SLT model is expected to be the most popular model again this year.

Grille Differences

The grilles on all trim levels will features a deeper trapezoidal cut in the lower bumper, new LED projector headlights and a bigger GMC logo. Plus, the rear taillight designs on all trim levels will features a C-shaped LED look which matches the truck’s front daytime running lights.

Additional Changes

Since Chevy made some changes to its powertrain for the 2016 Silverado, it is expected that GMC will follow suit by making its eight-speed transmission more available for the 5.3-liter option. It is expected that the 6.2-liter V-8 and the V-6 options will stay the same as those on the 2015 model years.

Visit SouthTowne Motors

Keep your eyes on this spot for more information about the 2016 GMC Sierra and its trim levels as information is released, and for the release date. You can also stop by SouthTowne Motors for more information as it becomes available.

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