New Technology and New Car Fuel Economy labels


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have recently revealed the new design of fuel economy labels we see when shopping for new cars. This is apparently the largest change the labels have seen since they were first introduced 35 years ago.

So what can we expect to find on these new labels? For starters, you’ll now find an estimate of how much you will spend or save on fuel in your new car for the next five years and how much it will cost you (roughly) to drive 100 miles.  But that’s not all… check out the new label below.


  1. Vehicle Technology & Fuel
  2. Fuel Economy
  3. Comparing Fuel Economy to Other Vehicles
  4. You Save/Spend More over 5 Years Compared to Average Vehicle
  5. Fuel Consumption Rate
  6. Estimated Annual Fuel Cost
  7. Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Rating
  8. CO2 Emissions Information
  9. Smog Rating
  10. Details in Fine Print
  11. QR Code®

I’m guessing that the QR Code® (quick response) may be foreign to some of you. But this is actually the most interesting change to the new labels, in my opinion. Each model of vehicle has it’s own individual code that you can scan into a QR app (you have to download the app first to your smartphone, it’s free). Once you’ve scanned the label, information is quickly transferred to your smartphone including mileage estimates, environmental emissions details and more. The app also lets you customize these tools to get a personalized calculation. Here’s a short video about the app.

So what do you guys think of the new car fuel economy labels? If your shopping for a new car in Newnan, Ga, do you think you’ll download the QR app? I know I would.

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