Newnan, Georgia: What do you know about buying a used car?


So, it’s time to get a new car, but you are thinking about going the used route. This is a great idea, there are a ton of really great used vehicle buys out there. However, there are certain key elements you need to take into consideration before you drive off of the lot, or away from a private seller.

Get informed!

There is information available about previously owned cars: Carfax being one of  the leaders. You NEED this information. If you need to do jumping jacks to get it, do it! The more you know the easier it will be for you to make your purchase decision.

Here’s a really good video you should watch with some very good points:

Here’s some extra advice:

Get it inspected!

Get your potential used car inspected and ask to see your used car in broad daylight too. It’s amazing how some of  the little things you could have missed before suddenly pop out when there is nothing to conceal it. Poor lighting is something you need to avoid.  Doing the inspection in a dim warehouse or garage may not be a good idea. Even a layer of rain or dust can distort things. Try checking it out under better favorable conditions so that you are 100% sure of what you are buying.

Look for the Clues!

“Col. Mustard did it in the library with a candlestick!” Remember, “Clue” the board game? Accident clues are easy to find on a used car if you know where to look. Check the fender,  the trunk and at the hood. Take an eagle eye to the body and really inspect the paint job to see if there have been any alterations or recent bodywork. If it is there, you will find it, and you will know if you should buy the car or not.

Of course, you know that when you go to a reputable dealer, like the Southtowne GM Super Store, you will have a little more comfort knowing that every used vehicle goes through a rigorous inspection before it even gets a space on the lot. This is certainly going to be your best bet when searching for a used car. If you have any other questions or need some extra direction, you can always leave me a comment below.

Can anyone offer any other things to be aware of when buying a used car?


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