Preparing Your Atlanta Cars For Spring Break Trips

As winter gives way to the warmer Atlanta temperatures, it’s time to beat off those cabin fever blues and head out for your spring break trip. Before you pack those bags, you want to get your car road ready. (The last thing you want is to have your vehicle break down halfway through your road trip.)

Since you live in the Newnan and Atlanta area, then you’re probably grateful that you didn’t have to deal with the blizzard-like conditions experienced in the Northern states. But if you have had to travel anywhere that had an abundance of snow and ice, then you want to give your car a good wash to get rid of the rock salt and dirt. Even if you just bought your car from our Newnan car dealership, you still want to give it a nice cleaning to show off your ride at your spring break destination. Be sure to vacuum out the interior to nab those pieces of rock salt sticking to the carpet.

The next thing you can do is go through your emergency kit and make sure everything is stocked up. You may need to get more oil and windshield wiper fluid. Also, check the batteries for your flashlight and portable radio. Lastly, include all those other necessities such as jumper cables, tire iron, car jack and blankets.

Don’t forget to change your windshield wipers. They should be changed twice a year. The best time is right before the heavy Georgia rains come calling in the Spring. Stop by your Atlanta dealer to get the exact windshield wipers for the make and model of your vehicle.

Last on your list is to take your vehicle for your spring multi-point inspection. Your GMC car dealer will make sure to rotate your tires, check your brake fluid level, inspect all your belts and hoses, and check your oil. They will also change your oil filter and air filter. With a full vehicle inspection, you can be rest assured that your car will run like a dream and handle any type of road trip you plan.

With carefully planning and paying special attention to what your vehicle needs, you will be ready for the changing weather and the numerous vehicles out on the road. Pack up all your necessities, clothes and food for the trip with a vehicle that is ready to take you anywhere your adventures lead you as you have fun on your spring break. Drive safely!

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