President’s Day Road Trip

Jimmy Carter's Boyhood Home

Jimmy Carter’s Boyhood Home – Photo by Jim Bowen (Flickr Creative Commons)

One of the greatest holidays in February is President’s Day. Most of us are accustomed to celebrating this National holiday with a long weekend and a relaxing day devoted to doing whatever we want. But let’s not forget what this day is honoring. Our first President, George Washington, began leading us to a greater America by bringing the states together and defeating our oppressors. His birthday is February 22 and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is also in February. These two alone are enough to keep the third Monday of every February special.

However, there are dozens more fantastic Presidents who have all done great work for our country. If you want to spend this President’s Day weekend doing something different, try taking a road trip to visit a President’s birthplace or childhood home if one is nearby. Fortunately for Georgia residents and those close to SouthTowne Motors, the childhood home of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, is close enough to get to in a day’s drive.

Situated only a short two hour drive southeast of your Newnan Chevy dealer lies the city of Plains, Georgia. This city holds the site of Jimmy Carter’s childhood home and has become a National Historic Site devoted to everything related to this president. Jimmy Carter was born in 1924 and and served as Governor of Georgia. Not only did he serve as the United States President from 1977 until 1981, he has also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for finding peaceful solutions to international conflicts and advancing human rights and economic development. The site of his childhood home is free to the public and open every day except major holidays.

Since September of 2012, President Carter surpassed Herbert Hoover by now holding the record for the longest retirement from office. Jimmy Carter has a passion for helping people and those in need and has founded the Carter Center in Atlanta to improve lives, educate the public and resolve conflicts. Since the Center was formed, their list of amazing accomplishments has grown which include strengthening democracies in foreign countries, forming avenues of peace with countries and advancing health care for mental illnesses.

Celebrate this fantastic former President and all of the others our wonderful Nation has had. Have a safe, fun and happy President’s Day from your friends at SouthTowne Motors.

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