Proper Tire Inflation Is A Must In Your Atlanta Car

One of the most often overlooked, and easiest maintenance activities you need to do to your Atlanta GM vehicle is simply checking the tire pressure. When a vehicle comes through the Southtowne General Motors Service department, we’re really surprised at some of the condition of some of the tires on the vehicles. Many show obvious signs of under-inflation wear. That is to say, the outsides of the tires have severely worn tread, while the center of the tire’s tread remains in good condition.

When a tire is under-inflated, the weight of the vehicle will cause the steel belt to buckle a little causing the center of the tire to raise and have minimal contact with the road surface. Wear of the tire will be concentrated to the outer tread. This can lead to dangerous tire wear that may permit road hazards to easily pierce the tire, the belt to separate or any number of undesirable effects.

On an over inflated tire, you will see the opposite type of wear. The outside tread will look reasonably good while the center tread of the tire will show signs of excessive wear. Again, this premature tire wear will end up costing you more money in the long run, as the lifespan of your tires is significantly decrease by improper inflation.

So, what do you do? Buy a tire gauge and check your air pressure every month. Proper tire inflation is of paramount importance to the performance of your GM vehicle. Check out the video below for a great explanation of this very, very simple procedure.

A tire pressure gauge costs just a few dollars at your local automotive parts store, but really can save you hundreds of dollars in tire wear when used properly. The Southowne General Motors Superstore wants everyone to get the most out of their Atlanta GM vehicle, so if you have any issues with your Atlanta GM vehicle that you need addressed, don’t hesitate to call us.

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