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Photo by Greg Harness (Flickr Creative Commons)

Eating healthy for every meal and the in-between snacks isn’t always easy when you are at home, so keeping it healthy on your upcoming road trip could be viewed as an even bigger challenge, especially when fast food restaurants and gas stations line the access roads of every exit. Don’t worry though, there are ways around poor snacking on the road!

Planning what you are going to eat in advance is the most important thing to help make healthy-eating road-tripping easier. While you are doing laundry, typing up your itinerary, and packing up the clothes for your trip, add a quick stop at the grocery store to your to-do list. Southtowne Motors, your Newnan car dealership, has these snacking tips for you.

Snack-sized Ziploc bags:

These easy to open and close bags are great to portion out some fruits and veggies. Fill the bags to the top with baby carrots, maybe some cherry tomatoes, and some grapes.

Pick up a few packages of string cheese. Kraft makes a great stick, or there are Weight Watchers 1% milk, Colby Jack string cheese sticks that are only two points a stick. They are easy to eat while in the car and they help match your dairy intake.

And, of course, don’t forget an apple. Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I haven’t heard any sayings about the dollar menu at the hamburger joints keeping doctors away.

Sandwich-sized Ziploc bags:

These bags are great for keeping your food in the bag and not on the floor mats. You can’t zip up a bag of Doritos! These are a great size bag for your dry foods. Fill them up with granola, or dried bananas and apricots. One of the newest healthy snacks out on the market is Veggie Sticks, 38 sticks per serving and they fill you up! Now, you just have to decide between zesty ranch or sea salt!

It is always great to have fruits and vegetables close by but if you aren’t bringing a cooler or cool pack with you on your trip then it is nice to have healthy treats that will withstand any temperature.

Quart-sized Ziploc bags:

These are perfect for housing the plain, unbuttered popcorn that you can pop before you start the car for the trip. Let the popcorn cool for a few minutes after you’ve popped the bag so the kernels don’t burn through the Ziploc bag. I won’t confirm or deny that I know that from experience!

Already bagged:

Prepackaged almonds are great. They provide tons of protein that will make you full. This will lessen the need to pull over for a quick, unhealthy bite.

Granola bars and fiber one bars are famous for giving you enough of the good carbs, and enough of the good sugar to spike your energy and keep you alert while driving.

Don’t take the easier route towards sugary drinks and greasy foods, healthy foods and lots of water give you the energy you’ll need to take in all the sites on the scenic route. It will be worth it, you’ll see! Let us know what other healthy snacks you pick up along way.

Come see us at Southtowne Motors if you’re looking for a new or used vehicle in Newnan, Georgia!

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