Rotate Tires at Every Oil Change, Georgia

There is no doubt that you change the oil and perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. However, it appears that many people overlook one of the most important part of your car…and that is the tires. Your four tires are as significant as any other part of your vehicle. Hence, keeping the tires in good condition allows them to endure as long as possible, as well as, keeping you as safe as possible.

Rotating your tires can make your tires last for a longer period of time, provides security and improves fuel consumption.  This is very important if you strive to watch your budget. So why should tires be rotated?  The front and back tires do not wear at identical rates due to differences in wear during cornering, acceleration, braking, etc.  A car that is not aligned properly can also lead to uneven wear.

I recommend rotating tires every oil change. In addition to rotating tires frequently, check your tire pressure  to ensure the correct amount of tire pressure is present. Tires can lose pressure based on the outside temperature and low tires cause unnecessary tire wear and uneven wear often leads to suspension problems.  Not only that, but the low tire pressure can lead to preventable punctures and flats, and make it difficult to drive safely.

Do not forget to keep your tires in excellent operational condition as you do the rest of your vehicle. After all, they’re really the only part of the vehicle that has regular contact with the pavement!  For any questions or concerns about your tires you can always leave a comment below or better yet stop by and talk with one of our service professionals at The Southtowne General Motors Superstore.

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