Safe Driving Tips For Halloween

Atlanta drivers, are you ready for Halloween? Maybe not, but I know your kids can’t wait to start going door to door to rake in all of those tooth rotting treats. I’m still waiting for a kid in costume to ask me for an orange instead of virtually dislocating his fingers to grab the biggest handful of candy I’ve ever seen a 6 year old grab.

Remember, these kids are like wound up little goof balls running all over the place, in dark clothing and masks which obstruct their vision. They are excited and oblivious to everything around them, which is why you need to be extra vigilant these next days leading up to Halloween on Wednesday. Parents should have already taken the responsibility of making sure their children are as visible as possible. It is your responsibility to be on the look out for kids darting across the street and paying attention to curbing any excessive speed.

If you can, park your vehicle and don’t drive at all! However, if you have to drive, the key to safe driving is to slow down. This is just a friendly reminder from your Atlanta GM dealer, The Southtowne General Motors Superstore. Be safe, and Happy Halloween!

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