How Many Drinks Can You Have And Still Get Behind the Wheel, Atlanta Car Owners?

Now, do I really need to write about this? Aren’t the 1,000’s of lives that are ruined each year because of drinking and getting behind the wheel enough?

However there are those people out there who refuse to adhere to the warnings, ignore the statistics and are just down right selfish when it comes to getting behind the wheel. “I just had a couple…I’m fine.” Uh, no, you aren’t.

So, Georgia, how many drinks does it take before you require a Designated Driver?

The answer is in the video below:

Yeah, it was a trick question. If you drink, don’t drive…period. It’s a very simple mantra to follow. Remember, you aren’t the only one out there on the road, so am I and my family and we shouldn’t be responsible for your selfish and recklessness. If you drink, get a driver. All I can do is warn you.

If you have any comments, and I know that you do, leave them here…your time to rant and take a stand is now!

This is an urgent reminder from your Dealer for Life (emphasis on “LIFE”) the Southtowne GM Superstore.

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