Southtowne GM Superstore and the five most dangerous drivers

If there is one thing that I’ve noticed in all of my years at the Southtowne General Motors Superstore and being involved with Atlanta new cars, it’s that there are not many people out there who will openly admit that they are a bad driver. In fact, the majority of the bad drivers out there honestly think they are great drivers!

Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things we do and we do it daily. If you’ve ever been in a serious accident, you know all too well how instantaneous and sudden that moment was. I’ll bet you didn’t leave the house PLANNING on having an accident. That’s why they are called accidents.

No matter how good of a driver you may consider yourself to be, if you aren’t playing defense every time you hit the road, you could get blind-sided. Be aware of the others around you. Learn to recognize the following types of drivers and how to avoid them; it may help you avoid an accident!

The 5 Most Dangerous Drivers

The Distracted Driver

A wide consensus puts distracted drivers as among the most dangerous on the road today. Various reports have found between 30-50% of all accidents are caused by distraction. The two most common distractions? Texting and Rubber-necking. So while mobile technology has made its way into the automobile and has become an epidemic of the streets, it’s not the only thing distracting drivers. Eating, changing the radio station, and a variety of other distractions also are to blame.

That said, study’s show: a driver who is talking on their cellphone is statistically just as dangerous as a drunk driver and that doesn’t even take into account texting, which is worse.

The Impaired Driver

This category doesn’t just cover drunk drivers, either. These types of drivers are mentally or physically impaired in one way or another that prevents them from being able to safely maneuver a vehicle through the streets. Being a safe driver means having awareness, being alert, and being physically capable to respond accurately to all driving conditions. Alcohol, drugs or other chemicals, physical disabilities, even physical and mental degradation due to old age can impair ones ability to drive. Driving while impaired is dangerous to the driver and everyone else on the road.

Obviously drunk drivers are the most notorious of this type. Considering recent events, a reminder of the dangers of drunk driving probably isn’t necessary for most of us. But it can’t hurt. If you drive intoxicated or otherwise with your ability impaired, it’s just a matter of time before you cause an accident.

The Reckless Driver

If the elderly fit into the impaired driver category, then young drivers fit into this one. I remember when I first got my license: I felt like I was invincible. My friends egged me on to race them around the streets of my town. I’ll even admit, I fell for it a few times. That is, until a car full of classmates wrapped around a tree killing two and seriously injuring the third. Now, every time I visit that third friend, his wheelchair reminds me of the dangers of driving recklessly. Of course, young people aren’t the only people who are guilty of this, but they might just be the worst offenders. Driving must be respected. Those who do not are doomed to learn the hard way.

It was almost fun to research videos for this type of driver. There’s so many popular videos on youtube of people doing stupid things in cars and crashing that I had a hard time narrowing it to one. That’s why I settled on this one.

The Aggressive Driver

If you’ve ever driven in rush hour, you probably know this guy all too well! These types can’t stand being behind anyone. In bumper to bumper traffic, they’ll do anything just to move one…. Car…. FURTHER! They speed, drive too close to others, see the use of signals as a sign of weakness, and are generally quick to anger.

It’s difficult not to come across at least one of these drivers in daily city commute. But please, don’t be one of them.

The Angry Driver

Road rage is a very real state of mind. It’s an emotional place that has been known to cause some of the most bizarre and shocking behavior. Driving with emotion may not sound too harmful, but believe me it causes its share of incidents on the roads.

So, Atlanta motor enthusiasts, do you fall into any of these first five categories? If so, shame on you! You are a part of the problem. However, for the rest of you;”Great job!”. It’s a pleasure to share the road with you.

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