Southtowne GM Superstore on Child Proofing Your Atlanta Car

Here’s something to think about: Child, or Baby Proofing your car.

At our Newnan Car Dealership we love kids of all shapes and sizes. They are all adorable and they can all wreak havoc on the interior of your new Atlanta car. Some ages can be more destructive than others. Obviously a newborn isn’t going to make as much of a mess as a two year old, so if you’ve just had a baby, you still have time to prepare that vehicle for the heavy assault when he or she gets a little older.

I found a video that does a good job in explaining what you can expect and how you can prepare your vehicle to withstand the onslaught of spilled juice, unknown goo and Cheerios…everywhere.

Now, protecting your vehicle is important, but not as important as the cargo it is carrying. Don’t cut corners, use appropriate restraint systems, keep the clutter down (toys can be dangerous projectiles in an accident) and know the laws of your State in regards to ferrying your kids around town.

Of course if you have a child, you know this already. My guess is that you need a good detailing. Bring it by Southtowne Motors and we’ll clean it up for you, and while you are here, you can invest in rubber mats, seat covers, dashboard cleaner, upholstery wash…want me to keep going?

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