SouthTowne Motors at the Small Business of the Year Awards

Every year, dozens of Newnan companies sign up to attend one special day of recognition. The day they all wait for is the Small Business Showcase that is presented by the folks at EMC. This year’s event will be held on August 21, 2014 at the Newnan Centre. Three events will be held on this day starting off with the Small Business of the Year Award luncheon hosted by our team from SouthTowne Motors.

This year’s lunch begins promptly at 11:30am and runs until about 1pm. Typically during the lunch, there are over 100 companies that are nominated for awards and only 10 of them become finalists. There will be a variety of different awards being presented at this time including the Prosperity Award Overall Winner and three more categories. The Overall Winner award will go to the business that has demonstrated a high level of community involvement and also illustrative business success. The three other categories are as follows.

Small Business of the Year.jpg

There will be an award in the Entrepreneur Category, which employs between one and five people. The next award is in the Growth Category, which employs between six and 19 people. And then there is the Employer Category, which holds anywhere between 20 and 99 employees. All awards are given to the appropriate businesses after a panel of six judges combs through a strict eight-part criteria. All finalists are interviewed and scored accordingly.

After the lunch and awards are presented, the Exhibit Hall opens where all businesses can mingle and discuss business relationships. Already have existing partnerships? Make them stronger by attending and solidifying them. You may also discover a new opportunity for you to partake in during this event. After 5pm, the event will conclude with the Business-After-Hours sponsered by Progressive Heating and Air.

There are three levels of participation for this event. The Founder includes the standard showcase with access to the event, networking with other exhibitors and recognition on materials. The Entrepreneur is a premium showcase which also gives you a better choice of booth location. Pay just a bit more for The Producer showcase opportunity which adds first pick of a booth with electricity, a feature story and loads more recognition. Come join your local GMC dealer at the biggest event of the year for small businesses.

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