SouthTowne Motors Wins

Every year, hundreds of small businesses get ready to attend one of the most anticipated events in Coweta. It’s the Small Business of the Year Awards and it took place on August 21 this year. The folks here at SouthTowne Motors were present as a sponsor and to kick off the event with our award luncheon. Although the winners were chosen at the time of the ceremony, we are excited to announce the winners again just in case you weren’t able to be there.

There were over 100 nominations that were made at this award ceremony. However, only the top 10 were chosen, plus six honorable mentions. Each winner was awarded based on the company’s growth, industry longevity, success in strategy, uniqueness and community involvement. The overall winner was Newnan GNC, which is locally owned and has grown over 70% since 2010. The winner of the Entrepreneur Category, which employs up to five people, was Key Promotions.

GNC Live Wellâ„¢

PrintSource experienced a growth rate of over 20% since 2011. This led them to take home the award for the Growth Category. Uniglobe Travel Partners was able to pick up the award in the Employer Category due to their fifth year in a row of being on the list of top 40 largest travel management companies throughout the United States. There were more winners than we can mention including the honorable mentions of Southern Crescent Solutions, Bubbles and Brushes Art Studio, Shine ‘N Drive Car Wash and Balanced Family Wellness. All in all, it was a huge successful turnout and lots of businesses were recognized on that special day.

Small businesses make up more than 98% of businesses and enterprises across the nation. They help to keep the economy flowing and people working. Coweta is proud of the work that all of our small businesses accomplish every day and are very grateful for them. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who participated and/or came by to spend the day with your Newnan car dealership. We look forward to seeing you all again next year for another fun-filled event.

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