Spring Break Destinations

The winter weather lately has kept us all feeling a little on the down side. There are going to be floods of people at a lot of the popular Spring Break destinations this year when they finally get the freedom to get out. Break out of this routine and get familiar with some other types of places the entire family can enjoy for Spring Break. Instead of the typical beach setting, why not try for something more local? A great family vacation spot that won’t be as crowded this time of year is Disney World.

Disney World in Florida is just a six and a half hour drive from your Newnan car dealership. Right now, there are resorts that are offering up to 30 percent off on rooms for the next four months. You can upgrade your room and ticket package and get another day for free. This is one place that will leave you believing in magic.

Another idea, assuming you can brave the cold a little longer, is a ski resort. The colder, snowy weather has allowed a lot of skiing facilities to remain open longer. Take advantage of this and work on your ski moves or just enjoy the quiet snowfall in a cabin in the mountains. There are several great outdoor activities that you and your family can partake in.

One idea that many people don’t typically think of for Spring Break is a cruise. These are fabulous and many sites have discounts for the winter and early spring season. If you need to feel sand between your toes, a cheap cruise might just be the way to do it. Imagine being able to sail to a foreign beach and relax on their white sands. While on board, there are still hundreds of activities and things that every member of your party can get into.

So no matter where you end up going, remember to have fun and be safe. If you are taking your car on a long road trip for Spring Break, be sure it’s in top notch condition. If you are in doubt or need help, bring it in to SouthTowne Motors.

Photo by eGuide Travel (Flickr Creative Commons)

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