Staying Connected with Chevy’s MyLink System

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The technology involved in new cars in Atlanta and across the world are rapidly changing and improving. Your Chevy car dealer can explain in detail about this technology, especially when it comes to the Chevrolet MyLink system. In this edition of More Miles with Mader howver, I thought I would give you a brief overview of what the Chevy MyLink system is all about.

What is Chevy’s MyLink?

According to Chevrolet it is “Your life simply connected.” What that means is that your lifestyle keeps you connected with family, friends, and the news of the day. Those connections don’t stop just because you step into a vehicle. Chevy MyLink is a way to keep you connected for your comfort, convenience, and most of all your safety. Chevy MyLink put in-car technology at your fingertips. MyLink acknowledges the importance of your personal connectivity and helps you maintain it, even when on the road.

Getting Connected.

Chevy MyLink pairs your compatible smartphone with Bluetooth streaming audio. It allows you to make and take phone calls and access your contact list safely. An included USB port allow you to bring your music with you in any portable hard-drive device and access it through MyLink. The color touch screen display allows easy access to a variety of entertainment, navigational and information options.

MyLink gives you options to Pandora, Internet Radio, Sirius XM satellite radio and allows for smartphone app integration.

Taking Control.

Voice recognition allows to command multiple features of your MyLink system by simply talking. These features vary by model. It can allow you to make and take hands-free phones calls, choose navigational and entertainment options and more. MyLink’s convenient steering wheel mounted controls keep all of its capabilities right at your fingertips. All of this is designed to make your life easier, safer, and to keep you connected.

If you have any questions about Chevy’s MyLink system or it’s varying capabilities in the various Chevrolet models, we invite you to see Chevy car dealer, Southtown Motors. We are your Atlanta car dealer that wants to be your dealer for life!

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