Stocking Stuffers for the Car Lover

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Have a car lover in your family? Not sure what to get them for Christmas or the holiday season? All car lovers are not the same and they can be hard to buy for. But going with small things in their stocking could be a safe bet. Here are just a few of the ideas of things you can get for your car enthusiast.

Small tools can be a good thing. If the person you love enjoys working on their precious Chevy, check to see what project they might be working on. If they are not, ask them perhaps what they might need to begin a project on their car. Make a mental note and go get a small tool kit, portable compressor or other useful equipment. You could also get ice scrapers for the windows, a tire pressure gauge or an emergency roadside kit. Any of these are thoughtful and practical gifts.

Does the car lover have a particular car they are crazy for? If so, look into small collectible things of the car that is their favorite. Check into writing pens, keychains, lanyards, watches, paperweights and anything else that might have their car on it. There are lots of clothing options out there with cars so just keep your eyes peeled.

Another thing you can get for them is a ticket for an upcoming car show. These are popular in every major city and large crowds flock to them every year. If your car lover has interest in these shows, buy them a ticket early to beat the crowd. Gift cards are another thing you can give them if you aren’t sure what to buy for them. There are many auto parts stores and even car wash facilities that have gift cards or certificates. Pack a few of these into the stocking this year so they can get what they need for their sweet ride.

Helpful items such as a cell phone mount or a portable GPS unit are other great gifts for the car buff. Cell phone mounts are easy to install and are a great way of turning your smartphone into a GPS receiver if they don’t have one. Just have fun with the gift giving and have a happy and safe holiday from your friends at SouthTowne Motors.

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