Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner. And while we can escape it with air conditioning, swimming pools and comfortable clothes, our vehicles cannot. They rely on us to help with this. Extreme heat can push your vehicle past its limits leaving some drivers stranded at the roadside because of it. Don’t let heat waves take their toll on your car. Here is some friendly advice from your Newnan Chevy dealer to help keep your car running smooth for summer.

Summer heat can negatively impact your car’s battery worse than the bitter cold of winter. The high temperatures accelerate your batterys chemical operation and cause the internal fluids to evaporate making them burn out quicker. This quicker evaporation of the battery fluid leads to corrosion on terminal connections. If needed, add only distilled water back into your battery. High temperatures, along with vibrations, are your batteries worst enemies. Keep the battery terminals and cable clamps properly cleaned, clear of corrosion and properly secured to minimize vibration.

Keeping your engine cool in extreme temperatures is vital. Your car’s engine works twice as hard in the summer. It is the cooling system’s job to protect the engine from overheating. Not having proper cooling system maintenance can lead to boil-over and long term damage. Make sure the coolant in your Chevy truck is filled to the proper level. Inspect hoses and drive belts for cracking and soft areas. Worn parts are vulnerable to failure and should be replaced.

Extreme heat is also your tires enemy; particularly tires that are under-inflated. Driving on under-inflated tires not only affects handling and breaking in your vehicle, it can also cause tires to overheat and increase your chances of a blowout. Keep your tires inflated to their proper PSI and inspect the tire treads for adequate depth.

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