Summer Is Coming, Keep Your Cool

Do your understand the TRUE value of keeping your anti-freeze at appropriate levels? Southtowne Motors has seen a lot of vehicles come in to the shop because their owners failed to keep a tab on their fluid levels. Summer is just around the corner, so what’s the best way to “keeping your cool”?

As most of you may know, not only does antifreeze keep the vehicle cooling system from freezing, but it also keeps it from boiling over – if the system is working correctly, that is. Radiators need a certain level of antifreeze to lower their freezing point and raise their boiling point and thus protect the engine block from damage.

Also, did you know that antifreeze has a PH level which, without maintenance, can become corrosive and break down the cooling system? Not many people do. Corrosive antifreeze can cause leaks. It can also create electrolosis. This is when the antifreeze actually has a low voltage electrical charge to it. Electrolosis can cause damage to the engine, or cooling system.

By having your vehicle’s cooling system checked regularly at our Newnan Chevrolet Dealership (at least every six months), you can help keep your vehicle’s engine cool and running better, longer.

Which in the end helps you keep your cool.

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