Switch to Nitrogen in Your Atlanta Car and Extend Tire Life by 30 Percent

Nitrogen in tires is becoming a popular replacement for standard air in tires in our cars of Atlanta. Though you may think it’s relatively new, nitrogen has actually been used on airplane tires, giant off-highway tires and racing tires for many years. So why did they switch to nitrogen years ago? The answer is simple: oxidation.

Air is composed of roughly one-fifth oxygen, and oxygen is considered a highly reactive element (especially at high temperatures). When oxygen reacts with different things, it’s known as oxidation. When oxidation occurs rapidly, a “burning” process occurs. If tires on race cars and airplanes were using air, they could actually easily catch fire because they run so hot.

In your standard Chevrolet truck or car, you don’t really need to worry about your tires catching on fire, but there are numerous other reasons you should be using nitrogen instead of air. For one, nitrogen “escapes” your tires at a much slower rate than oxygen. Truck tires can lose up to 2 psi per month without any punctures. Nitrogen on the other hand, won’t lose 2 psi for about six months. It’s also much less reactive than air and doesn’t degrade rubber which means longer tread life.

Photo Courtesy of GetNitrogen.org

By switching to nitrogen, you”ll increase your tire life up to 30 percent and reduce the chances of tire failure by 50 percent. Overtime, using nitrogen in your tires can improve vehicle handling and fuel efficiency through better tire pressure retention and cooler running tire temperatures. ´╗┐According to GetNitrogen.org, if 85% of the 220 million vehicles on the road today improved their gas mileage by 3.3%, the U.S. would save almost four trillion gallons of gasoline per year. Pretty staggering statistic, isn’t it?

For all of these reasons above, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore is proud to say that we use nitrogen. If you’re vehicle’s tires are currently running on air and you’re ready to make the switch, come down and see us. We’ll be happy to help you extend the life of your tires and your fuel economy. You can even make an appointment online today! So what are you waiting for, Atlanta car owners?

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