Healthy Snacks For The Road

Fruit SnackWe all enjoy the rituals that come along with a road trip. Everything from getting your music playlist together and packing the car, to filling up with fuel and of course, the daunting task of what to stock your Cadillac cooler with. It’s simple and easy to buy that giant family-sized bag of potato chips. But it isn’t the healthiest of choices when it comes to traveling. Your Georgia Cadillac dealer has better snack alternatives that won’t weigh you down or make you tired and that are designed for easy grabbing to help steer you away from the fast food franchises along the way.

You can’t go wrong with string cheese. Made with part-skim milk, mozzarella string cheese is one of the best low-fat snacks. The portions give a small dose of dairy protein.

Granola bars are perfect for the road, easy to grab and delicous to snack on. Look for the healthier options such as the bars with 200 calories or less and with a recommended four to five grams of fiber per bar.

Pack some tasty grape tomatoes. Those miniature bad boys when rip make delightful snacks. There’s practically no mess; just grab and go snack. This is one snack that you can reach your hand in the bag for over and over again without feeling guilty.

You can even load up on great veggies with antioxidants. The high water content will help you stay hydrated. Veggies like baby carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers are all great snacks for the road.

Prepare your own trail mix. If you ask your children to help make their own personal mix, they are more likely to eat it. Try adding any combination such as popcorn, shredded coconut, low-fat granola, multi-grain cereal, sunflower seeds and dried fruit. Place in a Ziplock bag and you’re ready for snacking!

4th of July Events

4th of JulyThe time has come once again for cookouts, fireworks and celebrating our nation’s freedom! Celebrate in style with a Cadillac from your Newnan car dealer and head out to see these wonderful events. A lot of them are in or around Atlanta, Ga which is only a short drive away. Centennial Olympic Park is hosting a 4th of July event fit for the entire family. You can relax on the lawn, play in the Fountain of Rings, get your face painted and enjoy the free music by local bands. All of this precedes Atlanta’s best fireworks display that is also synchronized to patriotic music.

Another ‘can’t miss’ gala is being held at Stone Mountain. They are holding their 46th Annual Fantastic Fourth Celebration. Come see the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision followed by a patriotic fireworks finale. Pack up a basket of snacks, lawn chairs and friends to enjoy this night of wonder and moving shows.

Lenox Square is also celebrating over half a century of their Legendary 4th of July event. It includes games for children, musical entertainment, fireworks and of course food concessions. But for the people who want to feel more involved in making something amazing happen, the Peachtree Road Race is where it’s at. Over 60,000 people have already registered to run the 10K race. It all starts just before 7AM on July 4th.

If you want to stay local, there is an Independence Day Parade and Fireworks on Main Street in Newnan. The fireworks will be presented by the Newnan Rotary Club at Newnan High School’s Drake Stadium right after the parade. Also this entire first week of July, the city of Newnan is participating in Independents Week. Support your local businesses buy buying locally and acknowledging their entrepreneurism, livelihood and individuality.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Preparing Your Atlanta Cars For Spring Break Trips

As winter gives way to the warmer Atlanta temperatures, it’s time to beat off those cabin fever blues and head out for your spring break trip. Before you pack those bags, you want to get your car road ready. (The last thing you want is to have your vehicle break down halfway through your road trip.)

Since you live in the Newnan and Atlanta area, then you’re probably grateful that you didn’t have to deal with the blizzard-like conditions experienced in the Northern states. But if you have had to travel anywhere that had an abundance of snow and ice, then you want to give your car a good wash to get rid of the rock salt and dirt. Even if you just bought your car from our Newnan car dealership, you still want to give it a nice cleaning to show off your ride at your spring break destination. Be sure to vacuum out the interior to nab those pieces of rock salt sticking to the carpet.

The next thing you can do is go through your emergency kit and make sure everything is stocked up. You may need to get more oil and windshield wiper fluid. Also, check the batteries for your flashlight and portable radio. Lastly, include all those other necessities such as jumper cables, tire iron, car jack and blankets.

Don’t forget to change your windshield wipers. They should be changed twice a year. The best time is right before the heavy Georgia rains come calling in the Spring. Stop by your Atlanta dealer to get the exact windshield wipers for the make and model of your vehicle.

Last on your list is to take your vehicle for your spring multi-point inspection. Your GMC car dealer will make sure to rotate your tires, check your brake fluid level, inspect all your belts and hoses, and check your oil. They will also change your oil filter and air filter. With a full vehicle inspection, you can be rest assured that your car will run like a dream and handle any type of road trip you plan.

With carefully planning and paying special attention to what your vehicle needs, you will be ready for the changing weather and the numerous vehicles out on the road. Pack up all your necessities, clothes and food for the trip with a vehicle that is ready to take you anywhere your adventures lead you as you have fun on your spring break. Drive safely!

Tips To Make Waxing Your Car Less Of A Chore

Keeping your new Chevy truck or Buick sedan looking its best will require the regular application of car wax. A properly maintained layer of wax will protect the finish of your vehicle and allow your car or truck to shine on a sunny day. If you want to handle this task on your own, there are a few basic tricks for applying an even and smooth coat of wax to cars in Atlanta without a lot of mess or fuss.

Choose Your Workspace

Don’t park your car right in the driveway for waxing if it’s a warm and sunny day warns

This will harden the wax on your car too quickly. Ideally, you should wax indoors, such as in a garage. If you can’t manage that then park your car in the shade.

Scrub It Down

Applying a layer of wax over bird dropping residue and tiny grains of dirt and dust will only damage your finish further. Give your car a thorough but gentle scrubbing before you start, or take it to a hand car wash to save some time and work. The surface should be completely dry before you begin.
Colored Waxes
Basic wax is white, but it melts down to a clear and shiny finish when buffed enough. However, residue left in the cracks and seams can remain white, leaving obvious marks on your black or dark colored car that take a few days to fade away. Popular Mechanics recommends using a black or colored wax for a better looking finish on a dark car.
Use Power
Many car enthusists find the circular rubbing motions require for buffing relaxing. If you don’t want to spend hours working the wax onto the car’s exterior, attach the soft microfiber applicator pad to a power buffer. The device will spin the pad in circles while you focus on polishing each area evenly, which is crucial because allowing wax to harden without enough buffing will leave an uneven finish. Your arm won’t be half as sore and worn out at the end of the task.
Remove Streaks and Haze
If the wax does dry unevenly during the buffing, you may end up with unsightly streaks. An alcohol based wax cleaner can remove these spots and prepare new and used cars for reapplication without damaging the clear coat or paint below.

Popular Mechanics, “How To Clean, Wax and Detail Your Car”, Mike Allen

Check Out This Multi-Million Dollar Garage

Now there are just some things that go beyond imagination and excess. The garage and the cars contained there in are perfect examples of this. We’ve all seen our fair share of garages. As far as mine goes, it’s not too big, not to small and has a pretty typical array of clutter, from tools, to golf clubs, to bikes. For most Americans, their garage is nothing more than a modest place to house our GM cars, trucks and SUVS.

That’s not the case for those who have a passion for cars and the money to build enclosures that rival some of the most extravagant homes this Atlanta Car dealer has ever seen. Check out the video below. Forget that each car in this garage is in the 7 digit price range, but the space itself, though an extravagant multi-million dollar garage, is a marvel of ingenuity, design and imagination.

So what did you think? Were you more impressed by the cars or the garage itself? I thought the rotating platform and the touch screen information system were particularly awesome. How about you guys? Does seeing something like this inspire or make you sick to your stomach that so much money can be spent on a facility such as this. What about the cars? A guy has to have a hobby, right? At least he didn’t forget about his wife by getting those $7,500 Bugatti inspired pumps. Guys, don’t let your wives, or girlfriends watch this video, this Atlanta GM dealer doesn’t take responsibility for what they may ask for the next time you buy something.

Get Up And Vote, Atlanta

Now I know this isn’t an Atlanta car topic, but I figured that I’d take a second to talk about voting since it only comes around once every 4 years. I’m not talking about who you should vote for, that is for you to decide, but why you should vote. Let me put it this way, simply and clearly, if you don’t vote, you allows others to control the electoral process. You are effectively giving up your National Voice. Voting is not only important, but it’s your civic duty.

Those of you from my generation understand the importance of voting, but you younger folks may not thoroughly understand it’s importance. There are even those out there that flat out don’t trust the voting system, or are apathetic, thinking that you vote really doesn’t count. Nothing could be further from the truth. The system has worked for over 200 years with changes being made to the process continually and flaws corrected, such as allowing women to have the right to vote for example.

Think for a second about all of the places where the people of that country don’t have the same rights as we do, including the basic right of being able to choose the path their country will follow in the future. I think Larry David says it best in the video below.

Again, this is your chance to invest in YOUR country. By voting for the candidate of your choice, you are effectively taking the future of America in your hands because you believe that your choice will help make this Nation a better place in a multitude of ways: Economically, Socially and Worldly.

The bottom line is, get up and vote, Atlanta. It’s not just a privilege, it’s your right!

Atlanta GM Dealer, What Is Anti-freeze And Do I Have A Leak

“This lime green stuff my mechanic pours into the radiator?” Sure. We’ll go with that. This “Lime-Green Stuff” is essential to both protection against freezing and dissipating the heat generated by your engine. Temperatures can get very hot in an an engine. Engine coolant, also known as anti-freeze, is used to regulate those extreme temperatures. The reason we use a combination of water and anti-freeze is to both raise the boiling point and lower the freezing point.

How would you know if you had a radiator leak? The first signs will be a pool of coolant under your engine. However, many leaks can be slow and nearly unnoticeable.

IF you think you mat have a coolant leak, you’ll want to get that checked out ASAP. A very small leak can turn to a very large problem very quickly. Call the Southtowne General Motors Superstore and set up an appointment and let your Atlanta GM dealer take a look at it.

Atlanta GM Dealer, What Happens When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

Have you ever accidentally locked your keys in your car? Some of us have and the rest of us are lying. Your Atlanta car dealer knows that there’s nothing worse than locking your keys in your car. That is only surpassed if you do it while your car is running. So what do you do now? Most of us call a bearer of a copy key to bring it forth so we might open our vehicle. But of course, there are those of us who have no choice but to call the locksmith.

The locksmith will get your car open in a jiff and you’ll get to drive home with an embarrassing story. Take a look at the video below and see how he’s going to get you back into your car.

Generally when you lock your keys in your car, you are going to be sitting there for a little bit. Let’s hope you didn’t lock your phone in there too. (You are going to need some sort of entertainment.)

Would you be the type to hide your spare key somewhere on your car? Like under a bumper or similar area? Do they sell any magnetic little boxes that can be concealed under your car that can contain a spare key? If not, our Atlanta GM dealer thinks it would be a pretty good invention.

Atlanta Car Dealer, Try Synthetic Oil To Get Some Extra Miles Out Of Your Car

Your Atlanta Car Dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore wants to know if you want to get some extra miles out of your car, you should try a synthetic oil…really! This is especially true if you are driving an older vehicle, or one with a lot of miles on it.

Synthetic oil, as compared to traditional petroleum-based oils, has a stronger viscosity or stickiness. It also takes longer to break down in extreme temperatures and is less subject to evaporating. Substituting synthetic oils for traditional oils when servicing a vehicle protects these parts better and, in turn, leads to greater engine efficiency. It’s efficiency directly affects the amount of fuel being used or wasted in the combustion process. Therefore, one of the most considerable ways of improving gas mileage is to protect the efficiency of a vehicle’s engine over it’s lifespan with a synthetic lubricant.

Check out the video below for more!

If you aren’t sure what synthetic oil you should be looking to use in your Atlanta car, trust your Atlanta car dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore to give you some options and lead you in the right direction.

Atlanta GM Dealer: Change Your Own Air Filter

Your Atlanta GM Dealer, The Southtowne General Motors Superstore wants to remind you to check your air filter to both increase performance and gas mileage. It stands to reason that if your engine runs on a combination mixture of fuel, oxygen and fire having a mismatch in that all important propulsion soup is going to cause some serious degradation in the overall feel of your vehicle. An ignored air filter will cost you money in the long run, I can assure you of that.

Even the government has discussed the importance of maintaining a clean air filter at

A new studyAdobe Acrobat Icon shows that replacing a clogged air filter on cars with fuel-injected, computer-controlled gasoline engines does not improve fuel economy but it can improve acceleration time by around 6 to 11 percent. This kind of engine is prevalent on most gasoline cars manufactured from the early 1980s onward.

Tests suggest that replacing a clogged air filter on an older car with a carbureted engine may improve fuel economy 2 to 6 percent under normal replacement conditions or up to 14 percent if the filter is so clogged that it significantly affects drivability.

Remember, the air intake filter shouldn’t be neglected on any car. Further, the conditions you drive in will determine when the repair of the filter will be needed. Work trucks driving in harsh/dirty conditions will obviously need to be replaced more than a filter from a vehicle stored in a garage and driven only around Atlanta.

Changing your air filter is easy and demonstrated in the video below.

See! It’s not that hard. However, if you’d rather not mess around with it, or  have any questions in general, feel free to contact your Atlanta GM Dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore and we’d gladly take care of it for your. You’ll see an immediate improvement in the performance and gas mileage immediately following the service.