How Much Do You REALLY Know About Your Atlanta GM Vehicle’s Engine

How much do you now about your Atlanta GM vehicle‘s engine? Can you name the parts? Do you know what they do? Maybe some of you out there have a pretty good working knowledge of how the engines in your Atlanta cars operate, however, I’m going to bet that a large majority of you don’t…especially if you clicked on this post.

Now, I know we all can’t be mechanics, or really want to be for that matter, but we all really need to understand the basics of how the engines in our cars work. The main reason for this, aside from your own personal knowledge growth, is that you can really help out your Atlanta Service Shop with issues you may be having with your GM vehicle. For example, instead of saying, “There’s stuff leaking from my car”, you can say, “My radiator may have a leak.” I know it doesn’t seem like much, but you can help cut down on hours and costs if you are able to be a little more specific.

Here’s a great video by Eric the Car Guy who explains the inner workings of your engine and why some parts have more of an impact to your engine’s operation than others.

If you have any questions about your Atlanta GM Vehicle’s engine, or any other part for that matter, don’t hesitate to contact your Atlanta Service Shop.

Atlanta GM Dealer, The New Car Survival Kit

Getting caught with your pants down. It’s a phrase we’ve all used and a few of us have probably experienced. Your Atlanta GM Dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore, wants to know if you you have your new car survival kit as to NOT get caught with your pants down in the event of a road side emergency or inconvenience.

What’s in a New Car Survival Kit you ask? All of the essential that will get you, at the very least, off of the side of the roadway and to a safe area you can leave your vehicle until further help arrives.

Jumper Cables
None of us ever leave our lights on on purpose, or run the radio just off of our battery because we know that it will wear down the charge. That’s not even saying anything about having an old tired battery that is on it’s last legs and always seems to struggle when that key is turned over. How many time are you going to cross your fingers hoping that battery has enough of a charge to actually start your car? If you say, “until it doesn’t start any more”, then you’d better have a set of jumper cables in your car. Or better yet, a portable battery charger/jumper. This way you don’t need a good Samaritan to help you in your time of need.

It doesn’t have to be night in order to need a flashlight. Have something to look at in your engine for whatever reason? A flashlight will come in handy. Then again, breakdowns at night always seem to be the norm, or at the very least, Murphy’s Law. Don’t have a flashlight in your new Atlanta GM? Expect to break down when you need light the most.

Tow Rope
It takes up very little space and can really get you out of a jam, quite literally. Now towing your car yourself should be reserved for the experienced, as it can be a little tricky if you don’t have your tow rope at the proper length. Plus, you have to be able to locate the appropriate tow points on your vehicle. A poorly anchored tow rope will pull the bumper off of your car. It’s a good thing to have, just consult your owner’s manual for proper tow points.

This is obvious. If it’s cold outside, you are going to want a blanket in the case of a breakdown. Plus, if you travel long distances at any given point and need to pull into a rest area, to take a nap, it will be nice to have a little extra comfort.

First Aid Kit
We all keep a cabinet of first aid items in our home, so why not in the car? It will come in handy for a paper cut, or aid in a more serious situation.

Tire Gauge
I do posts on the importance of proper tire care all of the time. If you don’t own a tire gauge, you need to read my blogs a little more carefully. It’s an invaluable tool, costs less than $5 and is the size of a pen. Just get one already!

Empty Gas Can
I still don’t understand how people run out of gas on the road, but it happens. If you are the type who never looks at your instrument cluster, then it might be a good idea to throw a spare gas can in the trunk of your car. I’ve seen people walking down the road with them, so apparently people still don’t understand that your car will tell you that you are almost out of gas. Regardless, at least they were smart enough to prepare.

Have any other suggestions about what should go in your New Atlanta GM vehicle? Tell your Atlanta GM dealer!

The Dangers Of Atlanta Railroad Crossings

You may not have ever considered it, but many drivers in Atlanta have, and that’s tempting fate by crossing train tracks as a train is barreling down the tracks. Your Atlanta GM dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore wants to remind you that crossing barriers to avoid waiting for a train to pass is dumb and illegal. You not only put yourself in the path of extreme danger, but you are endangering those who are actually abiding by the law and waiting for the train to pass as well as the engineer of the train.

You might be thinking, “do people really go around railroad barriers”? The simple answer is absolutely they do. In fact, I’m surprised that we don’t have more incidents involving fatal interactions between car and train.

Of course, not all railroad crossings are clearly marked with guard gates or lights, there are some in rural areas that are simply marked with the standard railroad “X”. As you’ll see in the video below, even when driving in a familiar area and crossing a well known railroad intersection can still be extremely dangerous.

The following statistics were provided by

According to the US Department of Transportation there are about 5,800 vehicle train crashes each year in the United States-usually at Railroad crossings. These accidents kill 600 people and injure about 2,300. More than 50% of all railroad fatal accidents occur at crossings with passive, or inadequate safety devices (often none at all!). During daylight about 75% of car train collisions involve the train hitting the car, while at night about 50% of the time the car runs into the train!

The bottom line is that you should never, ever cross railroad tracks when the guard arms have been lowered. Even further, you should always expect the unexpected when crossing at any train intersection.

As always, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore just wants you to use your head when you are on the road. Don’t take any chances with your life and try to beat any on-coming train. It’s just common sense, folks.


Proper Tire Inflation Is A Must In Your Atlanta Car

One of the most often overlooked, and easiest maintenance activities you need to do to your Atlanta GM vehicle is simply checking the tire pressure. When a vehicle comes through the Southtowne General Motors Service department, we’re really surprised at some of the condition of some of the tires on the vehicles. Many show obvious signs of under-inflation wear. That is to say, the outsides of the tires have severely worn tread, while the center of the tire’s tread remains in good condition.

When a tire is under-inflated, the weight of the vehicle will cause the steel belt to buckle a little causing the center of the tire to raise and have minimal contact with the road surface. Wear of the tire will be concentrated to the outer tread. This can lead to dangerous tire wear that may permit road hazards to easily pierce the tire, the belt to separate or any number of undesirable effects.

On an over inflated tire, you will see the opposite type of wear. The outside tread will look reasonably good while the center tread of the tire will show signs of excessive wear. Again, this premature tire wear will end up costing you more money in the long run, as the lifespan of your tires is significantly decrease by improper inflation.

So, what do you do? Buy a tire gauge and check your air pressure every month. Proper tire inflation is of paramount importance to the performance of your GM vehicle. Check out the video below for a great explanation of this very, very simple procedure.

A tire pressure gauge costs just a few dollars at your local automotive parts store, but really can save you hundreds of dollars in tire wear when used properly. The Southowne General Motors Superstore wants everyone to get the most out of their Atlanta GM vehicle, so if you have any issues with your Atlanta GM vehicle that you need addressed, don’t hesitate to call us.

Atlanta GM Dealer: Cool Your Car, Use A Windshield Shade

At your Atlanta are GM dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore we know the benefits Sure you are thinking, “Man, those things are a pain to put up and even more of a pain to store”. At least that’s what I thought until last Saturday after a round of golf. I’m not kidding, my Atlanta Cadillac was 10,000* and my seats were twice as hot. As I instantly start dehydrating, waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I remembered seeing my windshield shade in my trunk when I was putting in my clubs. Boy, a lot of good it does me there.

So the question isn’t, “Do windshield shades work”? We all know the do. It’s “How well do they work”? As in, “how much heat can they cut down inside my car”? So, I did a little research and this is what I found…get ready for the science!

So you see, not only does a sunshade keep your car cool, but it helps maintain the integrity and good looks of your dashboard and seats as well. There are some sunshades out there that can reflect up to 97% of the Sun’s damaging rays. Of course that doesn’t mean that stepping into your car will be like taking a seat in your refrigerator, but it will certainly keep it much cool than if you didn’t use one.

At your Atlanta car dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore, out parts department had a decent selection of sunshades designed to it your Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC…Swing by and take a look, before it gets really hot out there.

Atlanta cadillac: The 2013 Cadillac ATS

This is the Cadillac that your Atlanta Cadillac Dealer, the Southtowne General Motors SuperStore, believe will become an international sensation that will know the BMW 3 series off of it’s pedestal. The 2013 Cadillac ATS. Below you’ll find a very comprehensive video that is certain to impress you as much as it impressed the testers.

This isn’t your grandparents Cadillac. This is new luxury car is aimed at the younger technologically savvy buyers that are also in tune with wanting a high performance vehicle. I invite you to take a spin for your self in a new 2013 Cadillac ATS. Southtowne is certain that you will enjoy your demo, and possibly change your perception of what you thought Cadillac used to be.


Atlanta Cadillac: Check Out The New 2013 Cadillac XTS

Your Atlanta Cadillac dealer, Southtowne, wants you to know to know that Cadillac is back in the large luxury game! Everything in the new 2013 Cadillac XTS has been modernized and brought up to date for all of you performance craving, techno savvy and luxury seeking drivers out there.

You’ll notice the beautiful changes when you take a look at the interior. Everything from the leather trim to the nice wood trim, piano black accenting and brushed aluminium trim. Did I mention that the XTS has a state of the art 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster? Talk about attention to technological detail.

Plus, paddle shifters and magnetic suspension system also make the XTS a dream to drive. There is so much to the new 2013 Cadillac XTS it’s had to cover all of the really great features in print, so, check out the video below for a great overview of the new 2013 Cadillac XTS

I know all of you Atlanta Cadillac lovers out there are drooling to take a first hand look at this luxurious new addition to the Cadillac line up. Oh, did I mention that the XTS comes with an iPad loaded with software to help you navigate easily through all of its fantastic features. I guess this is going to be the new owner’s manual.

I invite you to come out and take look at the new Cadillac XTS for yourself. Even better, save a little extra time and take it for a test drive. You will be pleasantly surprised by the European feel of this ALL AMERICAN car! Just swing by your Atlanta Cadillac dealer Southtowne Motors to take a spin in one of Cadillac’s newest additions in stock now.


Atlanta Chevrolet: The New Chevy Spark Is A Spicy Little Dish

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It’s not too often that I get excited about a new vehicle delivery here at your Atlanta Chevrolet dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore, but there is something really great and unique about the 2013 Chevrolet Spark. With color names like “Salsa Red” and “Jalapeno”, the Spark was designed especially for city living. Think about all of those downtown parking spaces that you are missing out on because of the size of  your current vehicle. The Spark mini car slides easily into those tight parking spots that other cars don’t dare dream about. That’s less time looking for parking and more time spent exploring. Add a 5­–year/100,000–mile powertrain warranty. Chevy calls it the driving solution for city living.

The best part about the new Chevy Spark isn’t necessarily it’s size either, but more the diminutive price tag that comes along with it. The Chevy Spark starts at just. But don’t let the small price tag fool you, This thing is loaded with standard options more expensive vehicles don’t come with. That’s right, affordable doesn’t mean boring. The Spark has all of the tech and gadgets that make buying a new ride so euphoric, plus equipment like alloy wheels, power windows and air conditioning come standard on any model.

Here’s a little description from Chevy’s site about the Spark:

Spark 1LT and 2LT were designed to include everything worth flaunting. We’re talking Chevrolet MyLink with a 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen that keeps all your favorite music and entertainment within easy reach. The six-speaker sound system is ready to blast tunes from the three-month trial of SiriusXM Satellite Radio. You can even access your personal playlists, Pandora® stations or Stitcher SmartRadio™ favorites by connecting your compatible smartphone to Chevrolet MyLink using Bluetooth® wireless technologyor the USB port. Don’t forget to download the OnStar® RemoteLink™ mobile app to your compatible smartphone to keep track of important vehicle information, send turn-by-turn directions to your Spark and more.

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Stop wasting time, money, gas and join the Mini Car Revolution! Check out the new Chevy Spark Right now at Southtowne…we have one with your name on it and we’re sure The Spark will light your fire. Of course, the hardest part of buying a new Chevy Spark is going to be choosing what color you want.

Atlanta GM Dealer: What To Do If Your Car Is Overheating

Your Atlanta GM dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore has heard about and serviced thousands of vehicles that have had an issue with overheating. More often than not, the solution to the overheating issue is a fairly easy one to solve, however it can be an overheating car can be a stressful event.

If you’ve never experienced an engine overheating, you are lucky. Trying to make sense of an engine that is spitting boiling fluids at you is, needless to say, not the most pleasant event in the world and can quickly lead to panic. STOP! Staying calm is always the best way to solve any type of problem. In fact, help yourself start thinking logically by committing these steps to memory. I promise it will help you remain calm and avoid further damaging your vehicle when it overheats.

How to Handle an Overheating Car

  1. AC off, heater on. Turn your heater on full blast to help drain some of the heat from the engine.
  2. Pull over and turn the engine off. If there’s shade around, park under it. This will help you and your car keep cool.
  3. Lift the hood. Unless you see steam coming out, lift the hood to help the engine cool down. Do not touch the radiator cap or pour cool water on the engine!
  4. Wait. It’ll take about 30 minutes to an hour for the engine to cool down. If you’re planning on calling AAA or some other roadside assistance, now’s the time.
  5. Check the coolant tank. It’s a translucent plastic tank located under the hood, near the radiator. If it’s empty, suspect a leak, which you’ll be able to detect if there’s liquid dripping from under the engine. Engines are designed to use coolant that’s a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. If you have coolant in the right mixture, you can add it to the coolant tank or the radiator–but only after it‘s cool to the touch. If you don’t have coolant, you can simply pour water into the coolant tank so you can limp along to a repair shop. On the other hand, if there’s plenty of coolant in the tank, the overheating could be caused by an electrical or mechanical problem. Adding more coolant won’t help. [Consumer Reports]
  6. Take the car to Southtowne for diagnosis. This step can be skipped, but I really don’t recommend it. You probably wouldn’t skip a trip to the doctor after a heat stroke, would you? In a lot of cases, the radiator is probably low on fluid, but it could also be something much worse. Better safe than sorry.

Why is your car overheating? Check out this video:

Remember, cars overheat all the time. The important thing to do is remain calm by knowing how to handle the situation and not cause more damage to your Atlanta GM vehicle. Continuing to drive without coolant will cause some serious damage to your engine. If you’ve recently had an overheating incident, the best thing to do is bring it into the Southtowne General Motors Superstore to make sure your overheating isn’t part of a larger issue.

Atlanta Chevrolet: 2012 Chevy Spark Kisses The CD Player Goodbye

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It was bound to happen someday, the disappearance of the Compact Disc. That’s right, the CD may soon go the way of the 8-track tape and the cassette into the oblivion of old media music delivery systems. MP3 is the new king of the morning and afternoon commute. In fact, your Atlanta Chevrolet dealer, the Southtowne General Motors Superstore will vehicle coming off of the line without CD players.  In fact, the 2013 Chevrolet Spark will become the first Chevy vehicle built entirely without a CD player since the ’90s.  They’re making way for iPods, “infotainment systems” and other newfangled technologies.

What the Spark will come with however is the MyLink infotainment system that features a seven-inch touchscreen and Pandora Internet streaming music as standard. That’s pretty cool. It’s nice to see that Chevy is staying up to date with the fast changing technologies that the younger crowd are engaged with.

It’s been a good run, Compact Disc!  And hey, we’ve got great memories we’ll cherish forever. Driving through heavy traffic listening to the same three seconds of a song skipping over and over and over…

If you are ready to see the latest in automotive entertainment centers, or want to test drive the new 2013 Chevy Spark you can come and check out all of the latest the GM at your Atlanta Chevy dealer, theSouthtowne General Motors Superstore has to offer. Who knows, these new audio consoles may have you running out to your car more just to listen to music.