Newnan, does comprehensive car insurance REALLY cover?

So, the question is: Will auto insurance pay me if my car is stolen or damaged?
The simple answer is: It depends.

Really, whether auto insurance will pay you if your car is stolen depends of your policy, and the type of auto insurance, you have. That being said,  most comprehensive coverage policy covers your car is stolen.

However, before you assume that you are covered, make sure that know exactly what your car insurance is before something like this happens.

What coverage for car insurance will cover theft?

The coverage that covers theft is comprehensive coverage. Now, a comprehensive policy includes the stolen car, and integral parts of the car or elements that can render the car useless if stolen. This be things like integrated, pre-installed navigation system or stereo, but not a dashboard-mounted GPS device or iPod.

If you house and apartment owners or renters have insurance, these you should include personal items from your car like an iPod or laptop. If you have any  items stolen, file a police report first and then call your insurance company. When you call your insurance ask them about your personal property coverage and the items that are not covered. However, items excluded or limited coverage include money, jewelry, furs, watches and business property. You should know better than to leave these items in plain view.

Most car insurance companies have settled on a set number of days that they wait to see if the stolen is returned before they pay a claim. If found before this time has expired, but is found, damaged, you must decide whether it is worth your deductible and pay with your insurance company for the damage or just to pay any repairs out of your own pocket.

If your car is found severely damaged and the insurance company decides they cut you a check, the amount will only be for the market value of the car-not for how much you originally paid. If your car is not found you will receive a payment for the value of the vehicle only.

So in review, a comprehensive insurance policy protects your vehicle against loss or damage, but not by a collision. Your coverage will also cover vehicles damaged by you, but not thru an accident.

If you have any questions, or advice, leave a comment below.