Best Apps

There are thousands and thousands of applications for essentially anything you could ask for these days. Your friends here at your local Newnan car dealer have put together a list of the top apps in different categories. We will go over what each of these apps do in brief.

Evernote: this is a software suite designed for the sole purpose of note taking and archiving. A note can be any piece of media. Notes can be sorted into folders and tagged, edited, annotated and given comments. It can be used on just about any platform including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry. There are free and premium accounts. The free account gives you 60mb/month. The premium service costs just $5 a month and gives you 1024mb/month.

Zite: is a free app that collects news, articles, and all the interesting happenings world-wide into an easy-to-use application. It analyzes millions of articles every day and only gives you the best of magazines, blogs, videos, newspapers and books. Zite learns what you like and gets better every time you use it.

Spotify: brings you streaming music service from a range of record labels that is DRM-protected. You can use it on nearly every system and can be browsed by artist, album, genre, label and other options. Spotify is available in 3 versions; free, unlimited ($4.99/month) and premium ($9.99/month).

Flight Tracker Pro: puts traveling made easy right to your fingertips. It is compatible with most systems and works seamlessly with TripIt. It gives detailed coverage of flights, cancellations, syncs with your phone’s calendar and predicts flight issues or delays. So if you travel a lot by plane, this app for $9.99 is a steal.

Instagram: is designed for taking photos and videos and then sharing these through social networking sites. This app is free and only for use on Apple or Android based phones. Join the millions of users around the world and stay connected!

Wunderlist: is the only to-do list app you will ever need. This convenient and user-friendly app costs nothing and keeps all of your daily tasks close at hand. You can share your lists with others, print them out and customize the background to add a personal flair.

But remember, as great as these apps are, do not use these while operating your Chevy!