Healthy Snacks For The Road

Fruit SnackWe all enjoy the rituals that come along with a road trip. Everything from getting your music playlist together and packing the car, to filling up with fuel and of course, the daunting task of what to stock your Cadillac cooler with. It’s simple and easy to buy that giant family-sized bag of potato chips. But it isn’t the healthiest of choices when it comes to traveling. Your Georgia Cadillac dealer has better snack alternatives that won’t weigh you down or make you tired and that are designed for easy grabbing to help steer you away from the fast food franchises along the way.

You can’t go wrong with string cheese. Made with part-skim milk, mozzarella string cheese is one of the best low-fat snacks. The portions give a small dose of dairy protein.

Granola bars are perfect for the road, easy to grab and delicous to snack on. Look for the healthier options such as the bars with 200 calories or less and with a recommended four to five grams of fiber per bar.

Pack some tasty grape tomatoes. Those miniature bad boys when rip make delightful snacks. There’s practically no mess; just grab and go snack. This is one snack that you can reach your hand in the bag for over and over again without feeling guilty.

You can even load up on great veggies with antioxidants. The high water content will help you stay hydrated. Veggies like baby carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers are all great snacks for the road.

Prepare your own trail mix. If you ask your children to help make their own personal mix, they are more likely to eat it. Try adding any combination such as popcorn, shredded coconut, low-fat granola, multi-grain cereal, sunflower seeds and dried fruit. Place in a Ziplock bag and you’re ready for snacking!

Best Apps

There are thousands and thousands of applications for essentially anything you could ask for these days. Your friends here at your local Newnan car dealer have put together a list of the top apps in different categories. We will go over what each of these apps do in brief.

Evernote: this is a software suite designed for the sole purpose of note taking and archiving. A note can be any piece of media. Notes can be sorted into folders and tagged, edited, annotated and given comments. It can be used on just about any platform including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry. There are free and premium accounts. The free account gives you 60mb/month. The premium service costs just $5 a month and gives you 1024mb/month.

Zite: is a free app that collects news, articles, and all the interesting happenings world-wide into an easy-to-use application. It analyzes millions of articles every day and only gives you the best of magazines, blogs, videos, newspapers and books. Zite learns what you like and gets better every time you use it.

Spotify: brings you streaming music service from a range of record labels that is DRM-protected. You can use it on nearly every system and can be browsed by artist, album, genre, label and other options. Spotify is available in 3 versions; free, unlimited ($4.99/month) and premium ($9.99/month).

Flight Tracker Pro: puts traveling made easy right to your fingertips. It is compatible with most systems and works seamlessly with TripIt. It gives detailed coverage of flights, cancellations, syncs with your phone’s calendar and predicts flight issues or delays. So if you travel a lot by plane, this app for $9.99 is a steal.

Instagram: is designed for taking photos and videos and then sharing these through social networking sites. This app is free and only for use on Apple or Android based phones. Join the millions of users around the world and stay connected!

Wunderlist: is the only to-do list app you will ever need. This convenient and user-friendly app costs nothing and keeps all of your daily tasks close at hand. You can share your lists with others, print them out and customize the background to add a personal flair.

But remember, as great as these apps are, do not use these while operating your Chevy!

4th of July Events

4th of JulyThe time has come once again for cookouts, fireworks and celebrating our nation’s freedom! Celebrate in style with a Cadillac from your Newnan car dealer and head out to see these wonderful events. A lot of them are in or around Atlanta, Ga which is only a short drive away. Centennial Olympic Park is hosting a 4th of July event fit for the entire family. You can relax on the lawn, play in the Fountain of Rings, get your face painted and enjoy the free music by local bands. All of this precedes Atlanta’s best fireworks display that is also synchronized to patriotic music.

Another ‘can’t miss’ gala is being held at Stone Mountain. They are holding their 46th Annual Fantastic Fourth Celebration. Come see the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision followed by a patriotic fireworks finale. Pack up a basket of snacks, lawn chairs and friends to enjoy this night of wonder and moving shows.

Lenox Square is also celebrating over half a century of their Legendary 4th of July event. It includes games for children, musical entertainment, fireworks and of course food concessions. But for the people who want to feel more involved in making something amazing happen, the Peachtree Road Race is where it’s at. Over 60,000 people have already registered to run the 10K race. It all starts just before 7AM on July 4th.

If you want to stay local, there is an Independence Day Parade and Fireworks on Main Street in Newnan. The fireworks will be presented by the Newnan Rotary Club at Newnan High School’s Drake Stadium right after the parade. Also this entire first week of July, the city of Newnan is participating in Independents Week. Support your local businesses buy buying locally and acknowledging their entrepreneurism, livelihood and individuality.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Tips To Make Waxing Your Car Less Of A Chore

Keeping your new Chevy truck or Buick sedan looking its best will require the regular application of car wax. A properly maintained layer of wax will protect the finish of your vehicle and allow your car or truck to shine on a sunny day. If you want to handle this task on your own, there are a few basic tricks for applying an even and smooth coat of wax to cars in Atlanta without a lot of mess or fuss.

Choose Your Workspace

Don’t park your car right in the driveway for waxing if it’s a warm and sunny day warns

This will harden the wax on your car too quickly. Ideally, you should wax indoors, such as in a garage. If you can’t manage that then park your car in the shade.

Scrub It Down

Applying a layer of wax over bird dropping residue and tiny grains of dirt and dust will only damage your finish further. Give your car a thorough but gentle scrubbing before you start, or take it to a hand car wash to save some time and work. The surface should be completely dry before you begin.
Colored Waxes
Basic wax is white, but it melts down to a clear and shiny finish when buffed enough. However, residue left in the cracks and seams can remain white, leaving obvious marks on your black or dark colored car that take a few days to fade away. Popular Mechanics recommends using a black or colored wax for a better looking finish on a dark car.
Use Power
Many car enthusists find the circular rubbing motions require for buffing relaxing. If you don’t want to spend hours working the wax onto the car’s exterior, attach the soft microfiber applicator pad to a power buffer. The device will spin the pad in circles while you focus on polishing each area evenly, which is crucial because allowing wax to harden without enough buffing will leave an uneven finish. Your arm won’t be half as sore and worn out at the end of the task.
Remove Streaks and Haze
If the wax does dry unevenly during the buffing, you may end up with unsightly streaks. An alcohol based wax cleaner can remove these spots and prepare new and used cars for reapplication without damaging the clear coat or paint below.

Popular Mechanics, “How To Clean, Wax and Detail Your Car”, Mike Allen

How To Get More Miles Per Gallon

The Question on everyone’s mind every time they pull up to the gas pump to fill up is, “How can I go more miles without having to fill up again?” I know that this Atlanta Car Dealer wants to spend less time at the pump just like you do, so I looked into easy solutions to make the most out of every drop of gas you put in your Atlanta Buick, GMC, Chevrolet or Cadillac.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and am willing to bet that many drivers spend very little to no time learning the basics of how an automobile engine works.  Most people just get into their cars and drive. However, the vast majority of us consider a vehicle’s fuel economy both when purchasing and driving. Some go to great lengths to find ways of improving gas mileage such as purchasing different exhaust and air intake products, fuel additives, and tires. That’s all well and good, but those are minor improvements.

When it comes down to it, the engine is the most intricate and vital component of that car’s ability to be useful.  Engine damage is also, often, the most expensive to repair. It’s internal components are subject to extreme heat and friction, which wear on these parts over time. They are constantly exposed to temperatures nearing 200 degrees and moving thousands of times per minute. Even with regular servicing and preventative maintenance, the wear on these parts is inevitable and adversely affects an engine’s efficiency over its lifespan.

It’s the efficiency of an engine which consumers often overlook when considering fuel economy. So, what is an easy way to know that you are working just as hard to protect your engine as your engine is working hard to service your driving demands?

Well, for starters, consider Synthetic oil as your next oil change. When compared to traditional petroleum based oils, Synthetic has a stronger viscosity or stickiness. It also takes longer to break down in extreme temperatures and is less subject to evaporative loss. Substituting synthetic oils for traditional oils when servicing a vehicle protects these parts better and, in turn, leads to greater engine efficiency. Its efficiency directly affects the amount of fuel being used or wasted in the combustion process. Therefore, one of the most best ways of improving gas mileage is to protect the efficiency of a vehicle’s engine over its lifespan with a synthetic lubricant.

This might be a good way to visit the pump less and with the rising prices of gasoline in our present day economy, a greater portion of the population is in need of finding practical ways to improve gas mileage. Using a synthetic oil for engine lubrication is one significant way a consumer can improve fuel economy and save a substantial amount of money over time. How much money? Well, how much are you willing to gamble?

Ask your Atlanta car dealer, The Southtowne General Motors Superstore what the best option for your car is. Of course you can direct any questions or comments here as well.