Why It Is Important To Get Your Oil Changed

Not changing your cars oil can significantly reduce the lifespan of your new or used car. It can also cause other problems such as grit in the engine, and corrosion. It can also reduce your car’s gas milage. Eventually damage to your cars engine from not getting the oil changed could mean that you have to replace the engine. Oil has a number of funtions and not changing the oil reduces its abitly to perform these functions.

Oil is a Lubricant

As a lubricant, oil forms the important function of making sure that all the parts of your cars engine parts are well lubricated and move smoothly. When the oil gets old it starts to collect dust and debris, making it much harder to perform that all important task lubricating the moving parts.

Additives in Oil Help Keep Your Car Clean

In addition to lubrication, there are detergents and other additives in your cars oil that help keep the engine clean. As the oil gets older, these detergents start to break down, meaning that the oil is no longer performing this all important function of keeping your car clean. Once this happens, dirt and debris start to build up, leading to further wear and tear on your car.

Old Oil Does Not Burn as Clean

As oil is cycled and recycled through your car some of it is burnt off. When the oil burns it leaves particles behind. These particles leave the oil dirty and can corrode parts of the engine.

There Could Be Contaminents in the Oil

If the car has been sitting a long time, and has not been driven every day, some of the other fluids, such as windshild washer fluid, air conditioning fluid, ect could leak into the oil and contaminate it. This causes numerous promblems, one of which is that the oil will no longer burn clean. Contaminates can also cause the engine to corrode faster.

Now that you understand why it is important to change your oil, hopefully you will do so on a regular basis.