Is there such thing as “Standard Rate” Insurance for Atlanta Cars

I’m sorry to say, “No. There are no standard car  insurance rates for Atlanta cars“. Although it would be ideal, there are just too many variables to consider. It is impossible to lump a  majority of the same rate into a group and call it standard car  insurance rates. Regardless, the best way to find the most affordable  auto insurance quotes is to look online using a free quote comparison  service like – it requires just putting in your zip-code.

This is “Car Insurance 101”, but here are three main factors on which your rating is based :
1) Where you live : The density and the traffic is going to be a key for  the insurer. Obviously, the more traffic, the more of a chance for accidents. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this.

2) Your driving record: The driver is the main risk. To get a better rate, you need to keep your driving record clean.  This shouldn’t be anything new or surprising to anyone.

3) The Car you drive : The car itself is important, since certain cars are more  costly to repair than others. Insurers vary their rates on the basis of car make and model. They have gathered massive amounts of data over the years and are constantly researching the safety standards of your car from all  sides, roof, front and back.

You can judge for yourself which category you fall into, so don’t be surprised when you get that first quote.

Of course, there’s not much we can do about it. If you are going to own a car, then you are required by law to have insurance, so you may as well get the best cars in Atlanta you can find…and I just happen to know a great place.